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by DT680
Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Erotica · #2208081
A real story of me licking someones feet.
This story takes place after the first time i licked feet. I was like 12 years old.
There was this boy who was 2 years younger than me that always wanted to play football with me (soccer). He came to my house and asked if i wanted to play fooball in my backyard. I didn't say yes to this many times, but this day i hadan idea. Maybe i could lick his feet. Today he came and i said yes. We went out to my backyard to where i had to goals. I said that we should play a match, and the loser has to be the winners foot slave. He didn't agree with that at first but he eventually said yes. We played for like 20 minutes and i lost with one goal. I was mad to make it look like i didn't want to do it.
We went inside and in to my room. I had a playstation right next to my bed and i had overwatch so he said what i was going to be his foot slave for to matches (20 minutes). He laid down on the bed and started up my playstation.
His first game started.
The first thing he said was "Smell my feet." I started to smell his dirty white socks. I loved it. His socks was wet because of the sweat. I smelt his feet and gagged so i wouldn't seem like i liked it. I smelt his feet for about 5 minutes. He then said "take off my socks." And so i did. I took of his dirty socks and it revealed two small soft feet. I was so excited. "Kiss my toes" He said. I did at he told and started to kiss each and everyone of his cute little toes. I used spit when i kissed. "Kiss my soles." He said next. I started to kiss his heel. I did small kisses. I moved up and kissed right underneath his toes. Eventually he said that is should lick them. I started to lick from heel to toe and licked in between his toes. I was in ectasy at this point. But then when i thought it couldn't get better he said "Suck my toes." I went right for his big toe. I sucked it for 30 seconds and used a lot of spit. After about 10 minutes he said that i should do whatever i wanted. I first started to nibble and kiss his soles, then i went and sucked and licked between each toe. I then sucked both his big toes at the same time. It felt so good and tasted amazing. I took his smelly, dirty socks back on my face and smelt them. The licking went on for another 10 minutes till his game was done. After his game was done i went to the bathroom to clean my mouth to make it seem like i didn't like it. After that his dad called and he had to go home.

This was the best worship experience i've ever had. I am not gay or anything just because i licked a boys feet.
Let me know if you want more.
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