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*WARNING! SPOILERS FOR BATTLE OF THE FIVE ARMIES!* Falling in love with Thorin secretly.

You felt your head swim, and gentle hands guided you to the ground. "Sister, are you alright? I didn't expect you to take the news as such." A male voice told you.

It took you a moment to recover from your swoon. "Balin..." You whispered, and the dwarf hushed you.

"Sister, I'm terribly sorry. It's a terrible tragedy to us all." He said softly, then left you. Once you heard the door click shut, you let the tears fall. You could feel your heart breaking inside your chest.

"Oh Thorin..." You moaned, your face falling into your dainty hands. Rough sobs shook your body as you cried harder than you'd ever cried in your life. Was it not enough that you loved him without anyone's knowledge? Why did he have to die, without your having seen him in many weeks?

You heard footsteps and quickly attempted to compose yourself so that you didn't quite as distraught. It was Dwalin. He knocked softly on your door before entering.

"Sister." He said quietly, and as you looked into his eyes, you knew he knew your secret.

"Dwalin..." You cried, falling into his arms as fresh sobs overtook you. "Why?"

Dwalin just let you cry on his shoulder, letting you grieve. When you finally regained control and were ready to speak, he let you go.

"How long have you known and how?" You asked him, and he smiled. "For a long time, Sister. I've seen the way you've looked at him.."

You had plenty of time to grieve before the funeral was held. The dwarves had to spend time searching for Thorin's body, which couldn't be found on the battlefield. Most assumed the Orcs had taken it.

The funeral was a somber affair, and you cried harder than you probably should have. You got a few looks from other dwarves, but you didn't care, much.

There were several Elves in attendance, strangely. The Elven King himself, and his son Prince Legolas, Lord Elrond, and Tauriel.

Once the funeral ended, you turned to go back to your rooms, tears again pricking your eyes. But a gentle hand on your shoulder stopped you.

It was Lord Elrond. "You are Balin and Dwalin's sister?" He asked, and you nodded silently. "Good, I need you to come with me back to Rivendell." He said, and you stared at him.

"Why?" You asked quietly, your voice hoarse from crying. Elrond gave you a pitying look. "I cannot reveal the reason yet, but it will become clear in time." He said and pulled you towards his black steed.

You wanted to cry out, and call for Dwalin, but something inside told you to be silent. You let Elrond put you on his horse, and swing up behind you, urging the horse into a fast gallop.

You reached Rivendell after a hard day's ride, and you were tired and sore. Elrond reined his horse in as you reached the bridge, and slid down, helping you down afterwards.

"Follow me." He said, and strode off. You had to run to keep up. By this time you were curious to why he had wanted you to come to Rivendell.

"How is he?" Elrond spoke quietly to another Elf who had just exited a chamber.
"Better, but he still asks for her." They replied, and your mind raced. Who would be asking for you?

Then Elrond turned and motioned you forward, pushing the door open. You could feel the blood drain from your face as you walked in and saw the person lying on the bed within.

"By the Valar." You whispered, tears squeezing out of you eyes and streaming down your face. Your legs buckled and you sank to the ground.

"Lady." Elrond said comfortingly. "He has been asking for you."

You looked at him incredulously. "Me? He asked for me?" You mumbled, turning to look at the battered and bruised Thorin.

Suddenly finding new strength in your limbs, you rose and walked to Thorin's side. He was asleep, his face bloodied and bruised, there were multiple bandages all over him. His thick beard that he took such pride in was matted with his own blood.

Your fingers trembling, you gently took his bandaged hand. His steel blue eyes slowly opened at your touch and he turned his head slightly to look at you.

"Ghivasheluh. I never knew how much you meant to me until I almost died. Gimlelu, Amralime." He said in a whisper, his voice raspy.

You smiled, tears still running down your cheeks at the sight of him. "Oh Thorin... Leib tessu..." You whispered back.

"Mukhuh namim leib..?" Thorin asked softly, his eyes flickering wearily up at your face.

To answer, you leaned down, careful not to put pressure to his wounded chest, and let your lips softly press against his for only a moment.

Thorin gave a soft sigh, his eyes closed in bliss. "Hrun yothur." He said quietly, his tone sounding more like a command.

But you didn't mind. Your lips again met his, your hand straying to caress his bruised face with a feather-light touch. Thorin gave a soft groan against your lips at your gentle touch, and you quickly pulled away.

"Ohr nai frekk hurtag leib!" You cried, but Thorin's face broke into a small smile.

"Nai, leibz hannd bi gulmen. It's alright." He said, motioning for you to lie next to him. "Leib neahez mi bi allaz ohr nurv." He said, bringing you closer to him, grimacing at the effort.

"Thorin, don't hurt yourself. Mornit..." You said, but his lips met yours and cut you off.

"Only with you by my side, Amra(^)lime(^)." He said, smiling at you.


Ghiva(^)shelu(^)h: Treasure of all treasures.
Gimlelu: My brightest star.
Amra(^)lime(^): My Love.
Leib tessu: You mean everything to me.
Mukhuh namim leib: Will you kiss me?
Hrun yothur: One more.
Ohr nai frekk hurtag leib: I not want to hurt you.
Nai, leibz hannd bi gulmen: No, your hand is healing.
Leib neahez mi bi allaz ohr nurv: You beside me is all I need.
Mornit: Rest, sleep.

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