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A Centaur foaling oneshot from my Centaur universe.
Faked--Aiyanna & Fastcolt (Yas)

Age at Foaling:

Amadeth: 25 years.
Songaa: 15 years.

Description and meaning of name:

Aiyanna: Eternal Blossom
She is tawny filly with long curly bdark brown hair and brown eyes.

Centaurs have alternate names that they use in the presence of humans. They are not known by any other Centaurs except their parents or their mate. Songaa's is Chale (meaning strong,) and Amadeth's is Elquenna (meaning superior).

Aiyanna stumbled through the trees, her breathing ragged as contraction after contraction seized her body, causing her to groan with pain. She was so close to being home, but she wasn't sure she could actually make it.

But then she walked out into a clearing. Her legs buckled underneath her, unable to support her any longer. Faintly, she heard the murmurs, and then the voice of someone she had loved, so long ago.


Yas ran toward the crumpled figure, his mind whirling with disbelief. She was supposed to be dead! He knelt beside Aiyanna, and brushed the hair out of her face. His own face flushed as he realized that she lacked a covering over her chest.

"'Yanna! What happened to her?" Luca called as she and Dyami emerged from the crowd of Centaurs around Aiyanna. Dyami's face flushed slightly and he averted his eyes from his daughter's bare body.

Nuttah then appeared, scolding the colts and stallions. "Get away, this is none of your business here! Let us mares be! Go on, shoo!" She said, and the young foals, colts and stallions separated from the crowd, moving away to a different part of the clearing. Dyami went with them, herding them along.

The mares remained in a ring around Aiyanna, their faces sympathetic as they whispered among themselves. Most knew what foaling was like, and they pitied the young mare.

Luca removed the band of skin she wore around her chest, and handed it to Nuttah. She in turn draped it over Aiyanna's swollen breasts. One of the mares ran off from the crowd. She quickly returned with a different strip of cloth and handed it to Luca. She gratefully accepted it, and wrapped it around her chest.

Aiyanna moaned and thrashed as a contraction gripped her. Yas gently stroked her hair, his lips moving soundlessly as he murmured to her. The band slid off of her body, and Luca gently replaced it.

But Aiyanna groaned and thrashed again with another contraction and the band slid off again.

"Yas, lift her up so we can get this band on properly." Nuttah said, and Yas complied, his face reddening again as he held her upwards, his hands touching her bare skin. Aiyanna whimpered, and Yas hushed her, his voice gentle as he whispered in her ear.

Nuttah quickly wound the band around Aiyanna and secured it. Then Aiyanna cried out, her body arching as she strained. "Keep her upright Yas!" Nuttah said, hurrying around to Aiyanna's rump.

Aiyanna moaned, her face contorted with pain as she bore down, her body trembling in Yas's hands. "Yas..." She moaned, a tear sliding down her face.

Then she screamed, her body going rigid in Yas's hands. Yas paled, and looked over to Nuttah, who was busy with delivering the foal. Aiyanna relaxed for a moment before screaming again, her voice trailing off as she collapsed against Yas.

"Let her down Yas." Nuttah said, and Yas gently laid Aiyanna down. Her eyes were closed and she was gasping for breath. The whole clearing was silent as everyone waited for the cry of the foal.

When it's first hiccuping sob reached their ears, they smiled, and more than a few breathed a sigh of relief.

Yas gazed in wonder at the little foal in Nuttah's arms. "Aiyanna, look at your colt." Nuttah called softly, but Aiyanna shook her head.

"No. I do not wish to look at that stallion's spawn." She said, keeping her face turned away from the foal.

"Daughter, it is your foal." Luca murmured, but Aiyanna frowned. "The creature is not mine, it belongs to the monster who sired it." She said, her voice cold.

"'Yani, do it for me." Yas said to her softly, using the nickname he'd given her when they were younger, and in-love. Aiyanna glanced at him for a moment. There was a sad wistfulness in her eyes as she thought of her life before... that stallion.

"Only for you Yas." She whispered, and turned to look at Nuttah.

Her eyes widened as she took in the foal. It was almost the spitting image of its sire. Sitting up, she held out her arms. She couldn't help herself. An instinct buried deep inside her woke from its dormancy and overrode any feelings of hatred or disgust for the foal. "Give him to me."

Nuttah smiled as she placed the foal into Aiyanna's waiting arms. As Aiyanna looked down at her foal, a small smile crept across her face. "Hello little one." She whispered to the curly haired blonde colt.

"What will you name him?" Luca asked softly, smiling as she watched her daughter, tears in her eyes. Aiyanna glanced around at everyone gathered around her before her eyes rested on Yas. He was standing off to the side, unsure if he should stay or not.

"Songaa. He will be named Songaa." She said, and motioned for Yas to come over to her. He knelt beside her and Aiyanna smiled at him. "Thank you." She whispered so that only he heard.

He blushed, and ducked his head. But Aiyanna reached out a hand and pushed it back up. Then she leaned in and gently pressed a kiss to his lips. Her first kiss, only given to the one she would marry, and spend the rest of her life with. A union only death could part.

Yas stared at her for only a second before wrapping her and the foal in his arms and kissing her.

"My 'Yani's back..." He murmured quietly.


The colts and stallions had rejoined the crowd of mares around Aiyanna, and more than a few of them were smiling and looking around at the young mares and fillys, thinking of their own future. Yas and Aiyanna were lying together, the dozing foal asleep in Aiyanna's arms. They had eyes for only each other, and paid no attention to the crowd.

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