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A Harry Styles Christmas Oneshot
You were rudely shaken awake by your extremely excited boyfriend, Harry. He was shaking you rather gently, and as you woke up, you turned to look over at him.

"What in the bloody world do you need this early?" You asked him, your voice raspy with sleep, and he stopped his shaking.

"Oh, is it, uhm, that time of the month...?" He asked hesitantly, and you couldn't help the smile that flashed quickly across your face at the sight of his wary expression.

"No Harry. Why would you think that?" You asked him, rolling onto your back, and staring at him.

Harry smiled, breathing a quiet sigh as he lay down next to you. "You never use 'bloody', so I thought..." His voice trailed off.

You closed your eyes again, snuggling close to Harry as you tried to salvage your interrupted sleep. But Harry pulled away from you. Whimpering, you looked back at him.

"It's Christmas morning! You have to get up!" He said, but you only groaned and pulled the covers over your head.

"That's why I'm now awake at..." You felt around for your phone and looked at it. "Four A.M. I should have known..." You growled irritably.

Gently, Harry sat beside you. "Love..." He called softly, pleadingly. "It's been us boys' tradition to get up early and open presents." He continued.

You peeked out of the covers, your heart softening at Harry's pleading gaze. "Fine. I didn't know tha' it was your guys' tradition 'arry." You said affectionately, the accent you'd tried so hard to suppress somehow slipping in.

Wrapping your arms around Harry, you sighed with contentment. He grinned and quickly leaned down to press a lingering kiss to your ruby lips. "That's okay Love." He whispered, his eyes twinkling with pleasure at hearing your accent.

"Why don't you like being British anyways? Everyone loves the accent." He said, but you shook your head. You didn't want to answer questions at the moment. Perhaps later.

Seeing that you weren't going to answer him, Harry grabbed your hand and pulled you out to the living room where a magnificent Christmas tree waited, presents stuffed underneath it's wide base.

Harry knelt and began sorting the presents. "Here's one for me from Niall. One for you from Zayn, where's mine from him?" And on and on. You just laughed at Harry's commentary until your sides hurt.

Finally, you both had a nice sized pile of presents. Grabbing one from Harry, you were just about to tear into it when Harry grabbed your arm. "Wait!" He said, and you looked up, startled.

"What? Can't I open your present?" You asked, but Harry shook his head.

"Not yet Love. I got to call the boys. It's tradition that if we can't all be together on Christmas, then we video call while we open presents."

You gaped at him as he grabbed his laptop and opened it up. He was just about to start the video call when you screeched: "NO! I look a fright, Harry. Stop and let me go comb my hair and put on some make-up or something!" You said frantically, standing and heading back to your bedroom.

But Harry caught your arm and pulled you back down. "You don't need to brush your hair or put make-up on." He said, smoothing your hair and pressing a delicate kiss to your forehead. "You're beautiful just the way you are. This is the girl I love." He said, his green eyes staring into yours.

You reluctantly sat back down. Harry started the video chat, and you both waited for the rest of the boys to call in.

And sure enough, Louis' popped up first, and then Niall's, Zayn's, and Liam's. "Hello mates!" Louis called, and everyone laughed. But then Louis caught sight of you hiding behind Harry, intimidated by all the guys' boisterousness.

"So this is the pretty girl you keep talking to us about, mate." Louis called, and you blushed. Harry pulled you around next to him, smiling at your embarrassment.

"She's gorgeous!" Niall said, and the rest of the boys nodded. Harry looked quite pleased with himself as he tugged gently on your arm.

"Come on Love, tell 'em hello." He whispered to your star-struck self. You waved a timid 'hello' and the boys all grinned.

"She's a quiet one, eh?" Niall said, and Harry laughed.

"Not at all! You should hear her when she thinks she's alone!" He said, chuckling. You blushed even redder, it wasn't your fault you liked their songs, and would sing them when you thought you were alone in the house.

The boys continued to banter on, but Harry still continued to hold you close against him. It almost seemed like he was protecting you from them. But you couldn't understand why. They weren't interested in you at all.

"Love?" Harry's voice called, snapping you out of your thoughts. "The boys want to know which of them you'd fancy if you couldn't have me."

Looking over at him, you couldn't help but smile at the disgruntled expression on his face. He was very protective of you, and the mere fact that the boys teased him like this, and succeeded was quite funny.

"Hmm.." You thought for a moment, then smiled. "I'd go with Niall." You said, and the rest of the boys laughed as Louis made a disappointed noise.

"Thought she'd choose me!" He said, but he was smiling, so you knew he was just joking. Then he looked thoughtful. "Aren't you British though? Like us?" He asked, and you nodded.

"Then where's your accent?" He asked curiously. You sighed and looked at Harry.

"I'm actually English/American, and I taught myself to speak like my Dad. But everyone always imitated and made fun of my accent growing up, so I just stopped using it. But it still kinda pops in there every now and then." You said, and everyone nodded thoughtfully. Liam looked impressed.

Then a gentle pressure on your hand made you turn to look at Harry. He was grinning. "For that answer Love, you earned a kiss." He said, and snatched at your lips with his own.

There was muffled groaning and gagging from the boys. You laughed against Harry's lips as you heard Louis' shout.

"PDA mate! No PDA! We're on camera!"

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