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A Legolas Oneshot based in Middle Earth.
"(Y/n). Get to your chambers. King Thranduil of Mirkwood and his son are coming to look over your sisters." Your father hissed urgently, shoving you towards the staircase.

Sighing, you complied, your heart weary in your chest. This was the way it always had been when guests visited the palace. It was like you didn't even exist. All because of your eyes.

You passed your siblings rooms as you walked to yours. Alaich's door was open and you could see her primping inside. Sabain was twirling in front of a mirror, trying on a dress. Alfima and Maydail, the twins, were both giggling together over something in a book. And last but not least, Casidh's room. She was sitting in her window nook, gazing out at the shining river.

She was your favorite sister. She'd never shunned you, and had only acted kindly to you. In fact, she wasn't even interested in taking a husband. As long as you were unmarried, she wouldn't marry.

You'd tried to tell her not to do it, but she didn't care. She would stay true to the vow, even if it broke her heart. And her heart was already breaking because she had fallen in love with a handsome ellon from one of the nearby village.

Next you passed your brothers rooms. Cadwar's door was closed, but you could hear mumbling inside. Probably him reciting another poem that he was writing for his sweetheart, Olhind.

Then there was Eberen, the eldest. He was gone on a expedition. His room was quiet, and you resisted the urge to snoop through his room.

Finally, you reached your room, a small little space at the very end of the hall. It wasn't much, just a bed, wardrobe, vanity, and your few trinkets. Sighing, you closed the door and collapsed onto the bed.

How you wished you had green or blue eyes. Maybe brown eyes. Anything but silver. Crazy how just the color of your eyes determined your destiny. Nobody had silver eyes, and they were considered bad luck, a misfortune.

So you were shunned by almost everyone in your family. The exceptions being Casidh and Eberen. But Casidh was just another daughter, and Eberen was gone most of the time.

Suddenly, you lay still, scarcely breathing as you heard a commotion that probably heralded the arrival of King Thranduil and his son. A sly idea popped into your head. What were the chances of you being able to sneak out onto the balcony and watching from there?

Quietly, you slipped out of your room and down the hall. You quickly made your way to the balcony and knelt. There they were, tall and silver-haired. You saw your sisters lined up, and Thranduil walking down the line, pausing here and there to ask a question.

But you paid little attention to him. It was the Prince that caught your eye. You felt your heart skip a beat as you caught sight of his face. The way he brushed the silvery strands of hair out of his face, his strong jawline, and eyes that looked like they would sparkle if given the chance.

But he looked bored, uninterested in your sisters. You could see that Alaich was smitten with him, the way she batted her eyes at him, but he took no notice of her. In fact, he barely glanced at them.

His father watched him closely, and you could almost feel his displeasure at his son's lack of interest. You were about to leave when the prince happened to glance upwards, and his eyes locked with yours.

You could feel the blood rushing to your face as you scrambled away, and ran back to your room. You only hoped that no one else saw you.


As it turned out, your secret excursion had gone unnoticed by everyone except the prince. You ate in your bedroom, a small servant meal of bread and water, whilst your family dined on roast venison, many fruits and vegetables, pies, cakes, and some of the land's finest wine.

All you could think about was the prince, mostly about his eyes, which you wanted to make sparkle with joy. And his beautiful long hair... Oh how you wanted to brush your hand through it to see what it felt like.

You ran your fingers through your own (h/l), (h/c) hair. It was the only attractive thing about you. Sighing, you flopped down on your bed. If only your life was a daydream...


You must have fallen asleep, because the next thing you knew, a light was on in your room, and someone was walking through the door. You sat bolt upright and gave a squeak of surprise as you recognized the person.

"Excuse me, I did not mean to disturb your rest, I was looking for... Wait." The prince said hurriedly, but then he stopped, his eyes narrowing slightly as he recognized you.

"You were the girl on the balcony. Why were you up there? Were you not supposed to watch?" He asked, walking closer to you.

"Well, no. I was not supposed to watch, but-- well, you wouldn't understand." You started to speak, your eyes averted to hide their color, but then you trailed off. He wouldn't want to listen to the story of your life. (Finish it!)

"Maybe I would.." He whispered, and when you looked up at him, you saw that his eyes were blue, beautifully blue.

"I'm the fourth daughter. The hidden one, the one they are ashamed of." You whispered, feeling the old wound begin to sting.

The prince sat on the bed next to you. "Why are they ashamed of you? There is nothing wrong with you." He said, and you felt your anger flare.

You stood up and walked a few paces away before turning back around to face him. "Nothing wrong with me? Nothing wrong with me?! Everything's wrong with me! Have you seen my eyes?! I'm a misfortune! Bad luck!" You yelled at him, feeling the tears cascading down your face as the barriers you had put up crumbled and you felt the anger and sadness you had felt for so long rise again.

The prince slowly walked over to your shaking figure, gently rubbing your back. "Sh, it's okay. I don't think you are a misfortune. In fact, I think your eyes are the prettiest part of you!" He murmured, and your sobs slowly became shudders.

"Really?" You whispered, unable to believe it. He nodded. "I truly believe so." He said, and led you back to the bed.

"What is your name?" You asked, and he smiled. "Legolas. What is yours?"

Letting a small smile creep onto your face, you whispered: "(Y/n)."

Legolas opened your door, and turned to look at you a last time before he exited the room. You were half-asleep, but you still heard the words he whispered quietly before the door closed.

"I think you are the one I'm looking for. Elei velui."


The next morning, you were awake early, and saw a note slipped under your door.

Dear (Y/n),

Meet me by the river, in the forest as soon as you get this note.


"Hm." You murmured, putting on a fresh dress before slipping out of your room and out to the river. You arrived in the woods as the sun was first peeking over the hilltops.

Legolas was already waiting, a picnic breakfast spread out for the two of you. He smiled and stood when he saw you, and you were mesmerized by his eyes as they sparkled with joy over your presence.

"Will you join me for breakfast?" He asked, reaching his hand out. You hesitantly slipped your hand into his strong one, and let him lead you to the blanket. Arranging your forest-green skirts once you had sat down, you began to dig into the feast.

It was the best food you had tasted in your life, and you dug in hungrily, sampling bit of everything. It all tasted heavenly, and you were sure you were going to lose your svelte figure if you continued eating. Legolas watched you, his expression ranging from concerned to amused.

"What do they feed you?" He asked after watching you for several minutes. You answered in-between mouthfuls of a heavenly tasting peach. "Oh, just bread and water."

"And you being a princess..." He muttered to himself, eyes flashing with anger, and his handsome face marred by a scowl.

"Legolas? Is something wrong?" You asked timidly, noticing his dark expression. He glanced up, and his scowl melted to a smile as his eyes gazed upon your face. "No, it is nothing." He assured you, standing up. "Let's go for a walk."

You'd never been allowed outside this far before, and you marveled at all the flowers and plants. Legolas was normally quite an outdoorsman, but now he was captivated by the beauty walking by his side.

He noticed you rarely made eye-contact with him, probably out of habit because of your eyes. He didn't notice a single thing other than you during their walk, and he was reluctant to let you go back to your tiny room in the corner of the castle.

But in the end, you got nervous about your absence being noticed, and hurried back to the castle. But when you reached the steps, you stopped and turned around, looking back at him as he gazed out at the lake.

"What are you doing out here!? Quick, get inside before you are seen!" Your father grabbed your shoulder and yanked you inside. Then he began to lecture you as you were quickly escorted back to your room.

"I don't want to see your face until they are gone, do you understand me?" He hissed, and you nodded, the tears welling in your eyes.

"Don't dream about that prince, he'll never want you. You're a monster, a freak, nothing but bad luck." Your father said sternly, and you nodded, the tears streaming down your face.

Once you heard his footsteps fade away, you ran to the bed, throwing yourself down on it as you wept. Your pillow muffled your violent sobs as you cried yourself to sleep.


Late that night, Legolas crept into your room, curious about why you had disappeared. He found you sleeping fitfully, your face swollen from hours of weeping.

"Melleth nin, what is wrong?" He asked anxiously, his voice quiet and soothing. He tried to brush the hair out of your face, but you swatted his hand away. Somehow, you didn't even notice the endearment he called you by.

"Go away, I'm a monster, you'll never want me. Adar said so." You rasped out, your voice rough from crying.

"I don't care what your Father says. I-I love you." Legolas whispered, and you slowly lifted your head, revealing your bloody face. Your eyes were clouded and bloody. You had scratched at your eyes, desperate to remove the thing that controlled your life.

"(Y/n)." Legolas breathed, horror spreading through his body at what you had done. "What have you done?" He whispered.

"Only what was necessary... Legolas, am I beautiful now? My eyes are no longer silver, are they?" You pleaded, but Legolas shook his head, a gesture you could not see. You wondered if he thought you were in pain. But it was nothing but a dull ache now, the herbs had helped. After your father's talk, you had felt desperate, needing to do something to remove the eyes that had caused you so much pain. Perhaps then you could be normal.

"No (Y/n), I loved your eyes. They shone like stars in the night sky. Stars only I could see." He said sadly, and you felt shame rise inside you. What had you done to yourself?

"But I still love you. So much more. Good night Melleth nin, losto vae." He said, rising and walking out of the room. Perhaps now was the time to talk with his Father.


He strode quickly to his father's chambers, his mind muddled with anger over the lengths you had gone to, trying to earn your family's favor. He knocked loudly on his father's door before entering.

Thranduil turned to look at his son, his blue eyes glancing at every little detail on Legolas' face.

"What is wrong?" He asked quietly, slowly walking over to Legolas' side. Legolas sighed, feeling the anger fade away to sadness as tears welling in his eyes.

"Ada, you wouldn't understand." He whispered, and a small, sad smile decorated Thranduil's face as he heard the long-unheard title. But then he was shocked to see the tears running down Legolas' face when he looked up.

"Legolas, why do you weep?" He asked, concerned. Legolas shook his head, but the story spilled out from his lips.

"Do you know that they have another daughter? One who is shunned, and treated like a monster, a freak, because she has silver eyes? One who was driven to the point of blinding herself because she didn't want to be treated like she was? It hurts me Adar, so much, because I love her. But she doesn't love herself."

Thranduil stood in silence for a moment. "I cannot believe it. Take me to her." He commanded, and Legolas looked up at his father, hope springing in his eyes.


He led his father down the hallways, until they reached your room. Legolas knocked quietly, and then opened the door. You still lay in your bed, fast asleep. But you heard the quiet footsteps, and jolted awake.

"Who's there?" You whispered, fear trickling into your voice. Legolas' breath caught in his throat and he rushed to your side. "It is just me, and my Adar. He wanted to speak with you, my darling." He said gently, sliding his arms around you.

Thranduil stood and stared at your slim figure, your bloodstained cheeks, and swollen eyes. "By the Valar..." He whispered at the horrible sight. Then he saw his son. He saw the way he held you so tenderly, the way he looked at you like you were the most precious thing on earth. He'd never looked this way at anyone before.

"Lady (Y/n), I plan to speak with your father about this. You have in no way deserved to be treated like this." Thranduil said, but you began to shake in Legolas' arms.

"NO! Please don't tell my Father, he will punish me!" You wailed, and Legolas held you tighter as you thrashed about.

"(Y/n), please. You're okay." He whispered into your ear, and you eventually quieted down. You fell asleep snuggled up against his chest, his heartbeat lulling you to sleep.


In the morning, you woke up alone, silence permeating the room. You reached out, trying to find your way out of bed, but your hand met nothing but air. Trying again, you found the edge of the bed, and scooted forwards.

But you stopped as footsteps sounded outside your room. You heard the door slid open, and someone stepped into your room.

"(Y/n)? It's me, Legolas. I-I brought something for you." Came a soft voice, and you smiled.

"What is it?" You asked, but then something was laid into your lap. It was soft and silky. A realization dawned on you as you felt the material.

"Is it a wedding dress?" You asked softly, and there was a long pause, during which you guessed Legolas nodded. "Uh, yes. It was my Naneth's."

Sighing softly, you pushed the dress back into Legolas' hands. "I can't take it. You can't possibly want me now that I'm blind. Marry one of my sisters, and find happiness elsewhere. That's all I want for you." You said, blinking back tears.

"But that's just it (Y/n)," Legolas said, his hands sliding into yours. "I only want you. I've never felt this way towards any other elleth before. I have eyes only for you." He whispered, and you could feel his warm breath on your face. But then he drew back.

"I will leave you to get dressed. My Father has written to Lord Elrond. He will come quickly to marry us. I will wait outside the door for you."

You processed the information, and was about to speak when you heard the door click shut. Slowly, you got into the dress, but found yourself unable to tie it up in the back. Drawing a deep breath, you inched over to the door.

"Legolas? I need your help. I can't tie up the back of the dress." You murmured, feeling sure that your cheeks had flushed pink.

"Of course Melleth nin." Legolas said, and led you back into the room, closing the door behind himself. Then he proceeded to gently lace up the back of your dress.

Once when his finger touched your back, you felt a shiver go up your spine. But then Legolas stepped backwards, exhaling as he took in your beautiful figure.

"You look amazing." He said, his tone sounding like he couldn't believe what he was seeing, and at that moment, you wished you could see. See his face, his expression. See yourself and what you looked like.

"Am I really that beautiful?" You asked him quietly, and his soft voice made you tingle all over. "Oh, yes... More beautiful than the moon and stars."

You jumped as he started to play with your hair. But then you relaxed as you realized he was braiding it. You loved the feel of his fingers in your hair, softly moving the strands of hair to form an intricate bridal braid.

Then, taking your hand in his, he led you down the hallway, and outside. You smiled as you smelled the fresh, warm air. You could faintly hear voices, recognizing one of them as Thranduil's. The other you supposed was Elrond.

"Lord Elrond, here is Lady (Y/n)." Legolas said, and you stood uncertainly. Then you heard a soft exclamation from Elrond. Then a hand took yours from Legolas.

"Lady (Y/n), I am going to try and heal your eyesight. I cannot guarantee that it will work though. Sometimes wounds like this need a spiritual healing. A type that I cannot give." He said softly, and then you felt his hands frame your face as he whispered an ancient Elvish chant.

But then he stepped away. "This I cannot heal. The healing needs to be done by yourself Lady (Y/n). I am deeply sorry."

You smiled sadly. "That is okay." But deep down, you knew it wasn't. You had never know how much you loved being able to see, until you had taken it from yourself.

Then you felt Legolas' hands slide into yours. Lord Elrond began to speak. Then you were asked to repeat a phrase to one another, Legolas prompting you. But just before Elrond could pronounce you husband and wife, a shout rose up from the direction of the castle.

You shrank close to Legolas as you heard footsteps pounding towards the spot where you were.

"What are you doing with my daughter?" Said your father angrily. You turned toward the direction of his voice, and heard his gasp.

"What has happened to her? What did you do?" He asked angrily, but Legolas interrupted him.

"No, you mean what have you done to her! She tore at her own eyes because of your treatment to her!" He said, and you could tell he was trying to hold back his anger.

You tried to listen to the conversation, but a heavy wave of dizziness swept over you, and you leaned against Legolas, feeling your consciousness drift away.

"Legolas..." You whispered before feeling yourself slide to the ground.


"(Y/n)? Can you hear me? (Y/n)?"

You heard the voices from far away, but felt too tired to open your eyes. As you rested longer, you became aware of a hand in yours. It gently rubbed a finger over yours, tracing circles.

"Do you think she's okay?" Came a worried voice, and you recognized it as Legolas. Lord Elrond answered him.

"I should think so, she just won't wake. But there is an energy radiating off her. A healing energy. I don't want to wake her if she's healing herself."

You thought about that, and figured you could rest still longer, but then you felt a droplet of water hit your face.

"My son, do not weep for her. She will be fine." Thranduil said, and you realized with a jolt that Legolas wept for you. Your eyes flashed open, and you saw a blurry figure above you.

"Don't weep, please." You whispered, blinking your eyes to dispel the blurriness. Legolas looked at you, and his face lit up, brighter than the sun as he saw your clear eyes.

"You can see!" He cried, huggin you close. You buried your face in his long hair, inhaling the woody scent that was him.

He helped you to your feet, and Elrond concluded the ceremony, finally giving permission for Legolas to kiss you.

He looked at you, his blue eyes taking in every little detail of your face. "I still think your eyes are more beautiful than the stars." He whispered as he leaned in. Your silver eyes closed as his lips met yours in a blissful kiss.

And that's what you are, more beautiful than the stars.

Elven Index

Ellon--Elf man.
Elei velui--Sweet dreams.
Melleth nin--My love.
Losto vae--Sleep well.
Elleth--Elf woman.

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