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A Thranduil Oneshot based in The Hobbit
King Thranduil watched through his bed chamber balcony window. His Mirkwood Guard was training in the courtyard below. Their dark green uniforms matched his royal colors. But one particular guard caught his attention. She was average in every single way. Her hair was long and golden like the sunset. Or gold itself. Thranduil thought, as he watched her match every stroke of her opponent.

He swept away from the window at a knock at the door, his blue eyes reluctantly sliding away from the elleth.

"Enter." He said, taking up a position of confidence and utter indifference. The door opened, and Eithoron walked in. He bowed, and cleared his throat. "Your Majesty, there is a man requesting an audience with you. He says it is a matter of life or death."

Thranduil gazed at the servant. He didn't want to deal with this sort of thing at the moment. But if it was a matter of life or death, then he must attend to it. "I will be down shortly. You are dismissed." The servant bowed his way out of the room. Thranduil strode back to the window, and gazed back down at the courtyard. The guards were finishing up the training, polishing their swords and bows.

He searched through the mass of green uniforms until he found the elleth. She was laughing at something another guard had said. Thranduil found a smile inching its way across his lips. But it was quickly replaced with a frown as he watched an ellon approach the elleth and say something to her. There was a strange feeling rising in his chest.


Thranduil shook his head and swept across the room. Why was he jealous over this elleth? He didn't even know her.


In the throne room, Thranduil listened to the human stutter. Apparently there was an Orc attack on his village, and he wanted help rescuing the captured inhabitants. Thranduil watched with a bored expression. Then he made a motion with his hand, and the guards stepped up and grabbed hold of the man.

Slowly tilting his head, Thranduil spoke in low tones. "I do not see any need to provide you with my soldiers. Guards, escort him to the gates." He said, and the guards nodded silently, dragging the man away. Thranduil sighed, standing up and slowly walked down his elaborate throne.

Removing his crown, he handed it off to a servant and strode out the double doors to the courtyard where the Mirkwood Guard had been training. There were still a few gathered around talking. Glancing around he quickly saw her.

It only took a few long strides before he reached her. It took her a short moment before she realized that her King was standing behind her. She swept into a graceful bow.

"My King." She murmured, and Thranduil could feel his heart flutter in his chest. A flutter he hadn't felt since--her death. Up close he could see that her eyes were brown, like her eyes.

"What is your name guard?" He asked, anxious to put a name to her beautiful face. But no, he couldn't think like that. She was a simple guard. He'd told himself he'd never love another after her.

She smiled, and Thranduil felt his resolve melting. "I'm (Y/n), My King. Is there something you need?" She asked, her voice soft as a velvet bedspread.

"No... (Y/n)." Thranduil said, savoring the feel of her name on his tongue. It was beautiful, just like her. Quickly, he turned and strode away from her. He needed to be alone.


Later, alone in his chambers, Thranduil paced. He felt emotions he'd never felt for years. Since the days he had courted another.

He'd promised he'd never love another. But now his heart was betraying him. His resolve was as strong as ever, but the sight of her, the sound of her voice, it was like lighting a candle. The flame melted the tallow holding it together.

Thranduil took a deep breath. Glancing at the window, he noted that the moon was shining softly in the dark sky. Perhaps a good night's sleep would solve things.

~~~The Next Morning~~~

Thranduil sat upright, his hair a frazzled mess from his tossing and turning, and his heart pounding. Glancing around, he was reasured that it was a dream. A dream about that elleth. Even in sleep, he couldn't escape her.

A frown graced his face as he prepared for the day. He turned to his hair first. An ivory-toothed comb soon smoothed it down, and he was satisfied. Then it was time to choose his wardrobe.

A silver tunic complete with a long flowing cape was what he decided on. After settling his crown on his head, he looked at his reflection in the mirror. It was satisfactory.

Then his door crashed open. It was Eithoron, and he should have known better than to enter without knocking, but Thranduil was distracted from reprimanding him by the words he gasped out: "Spiders.. Attacking village."

Thranduil swept by him. "Find Torastor! Quickly!" He boomed, his mind racing.

The guard needed to be assembled, and briefed. He still mulled over the details as he glided into the throne-room where Torastor was already waiting.

"Toraster! Spiders are attacking the village. Ready the Mirkwood Guard and send them out quickly. Keep me informed." Thranduil said, and Toraster nodded, bowing before he trotted out of the room.

Thranduil climbed up onto his throne and sat down, reclining against the padded seat. In all honesty, he would prefer to be out in the battle, but it wasn't worth risking his life. The Mirkwood Guard would easily be able to handle the threat.

But then a disturbing thought crossed Thranduil's mind. The elleth! She would be sent out, and possibly killed by the spiders! He bolted out of his throne. He had to stop her from going!

But then he paused, halfway down the stairs of his throneroom. Why was he so concerned about her? She was just a guard, she was trained for this! And it was none of his business. He didn't like her, did he?

Thranduil shook his head. "No, I do not." He said aloud, and turned around, heading back to his throne. But he couldn't shake the nagging feeling. He SHOULD do something, but why? He didn't like her. Not one bit. He'd vowed to love only one elleth, and that elleth had been the love of his life. It was not possible for him to fall in love again. He wouldn't.


Thranduil sat anxiously, he found the wait almost unbearable. But it was only a short hour before the Mirkwood Guard came back, banners waving in triumph. They had bested the spiders with few casaulties. Thranduil headed quickly out to talk to Captain Maydail of the Guard.

"Afternoon Maydail. How went the fight?" He asked, and Captain Maydail bowed respectfully.

"It went well My Lord. We had no casualties, and only seven injured. There are two who are seriously injured. But the rest have minor injuries. Now if you'll excuse me Lord, I need to see to the injured." She said, and Thranduil blanched. But he shook it off. She was probably fine.

"W-what are their names?" He said, struggling to keep from stuttering. Maydail looked him worriedly. "My Lord? Are you alright?" She asked, and Thranduil cleared his throat. "I'm perfectly fine, just tell me who were seriously injured!" He said, struggling to keep from yelling his frustration.

"Eberen, Alaich, Casidh, Kesel, and Sabain were minorly injured. But Laphada and (Y/n), both received almost fatal injuries, My Lord." She said, and Thranduil felt the blood drain from his face. "Tiro hin(hee) Elbereth..." He whispered, and fled from the courtyard. Maydail watched him go, and shook her head. Thranduil was very confusing somedays...


Thranduil arrived at the infirmary, out of breath from running. He knocked lightly on the door, and it was opened by Healer Olhind. She looked at Thranduil curiously. "My Lord? Are you ill?" She asked, and Thranduil shook his head. "No Healer Olhind, I just came to see someone."

"Who is it, My Lord?" She asked softly, and Thranduil sighed. "(Y/n). Is she alright?" He asked, his eyes betraying the worry he felt inside.
Healer Olhind talked softly as she led Thranduil into the infirmary. "My Lord, (Y/n) was bitten by one of the spiders, and she's having a bad reaction to the venom. We... We aren't sure she'll pull through." She said softly, and placed a gentle hand on Thranduil's arm as he made a small noise, and swayed.

"Lord, please sit down. I don't want you to hurt yourself if you lose consciousness." She murmured. Thranduil sank onto an unoccupied cot.

"Take me to her." He said after a moment.


"Nan Belain..." Thranduil moaned at the sight of (Y/n)'s mottled face. She groaned in her unconscious state, her beautiful features twisted by the spider poison.

Olhind made Thranduil sit down as she tended to (Y/n). She murmured ancient words over (Y/n)'s fevered body.

"Ceven dhaer, anno vellas lin(leen) cnin 'raw hen. Suil Annui, erol thul(thool) lin i faer hen." Olhind whispered, her hands gently running across (Y/n)'s body to soothe the hurt. (Y/n)'s breathing eased, her body relaxing as the chant brought a temporary ease from the pain of the spider venom.

Thranduil glanced up when he heard a knock at the door. Olhind quickly made her way over to it and opened it. There was an ellon standing there, his face pale. "Where is Laphada? How is she?" He asked, his voice fringed with panic.

Olhind tried to soothe him. "Cadwar, a spider hit her on her head. It knocked her out, but she hasn't regained consciousness. That doesn't make things look good. I'm doing all I can to save her though." She whispered, but Thranduil still heard her.

He had heard of Laphada and Cadwar. They were courting, and had just recently become engaged. It really was too bad that Laphada was hurt as well. For the first time in his life, Thranduil was able to relate to someone.


Thranduil listlessly stared at the food on his plate. He wasn't hungry. Eithoron stood by his side, concern marring his features. "Hir(heer) nin(neen), you must eat something!" He said, but Thranduil shook his head.

"No, I'm not hungry at the moment. I'm going back to the infirmary." He said, and stood.

He swept away, intent on returning to a special someone's bedside.

He sat alone in the infirmary, staring down at the expressionless face of the unconscious elleth who had stolen his heart in the past week. He admitted it now, he was in-love with her. But only one thing remained inbetween. Would she love him back?

Thranduil knew that it was unlikely the answer would be yes, but he still hoped it would be so. And ever so gently, he touched her face, letting a single tear fall from his blue eyes onto her cheek.

Slowly, her eyes fluttered open, revealing dark brown irises that were dulled by pain. She painfully looked around, and saw the bowed figure of her King by her bedside.

"My King? What are you doing here?" She whispered, her voice a harsh rasp from lack of use. Thranduil shot straight up, his eyes wide.

"(Y/n)." He whispered, his hand reaching out to caress her cheek. But then he came to himself, and brought it back to his side. He noticed something in her brown eyes that made him wonder.

There had been a small light in her eyes when he had reached out to her, but it had faded away to be replaced by a sad wistfulness when he'd pulled back.

"My King, I have something to confess." She rasped, dropping her eyes from his face. Thranduil frowned, his head tilted to the side.

"Lord, I-I realized something when the spider bit me, and I was confronted with the possibility I might die. My King, I have long harbored an affection for you that I should have pushed aside long ago. I know I'm only a simple gu--" Thranduil swept to her side, his finger placed delicately against her lips.

"Din(deen). Do not speak such rubbish. You are not a simple guard, you are the desire of my heart." He whispered to her, kneeling beside her cot. "I do not want to hear you speak that way of yourself ever again."

She nodded mutely, a tear sliding down her gaunt face. Thranduil brushed it away, biting his lip as tears welled in his own eyes at the sight of her sorrow.

"How long have I been unconscious?" She asked, and Thranduil had to think. The days had started to blend together. The only thing that stood out in the week was Laphada's awakening.
"About a week I believe. But you need to rest. I have some things I need to attend to, but I will come back. Now hodo." He promised, and stood, reluctantly turning away from her towards the door.


"Maydail! I need to speak to you!" Thranduil called, his voice smooth as he sat on his ornate throne.

Captain Maydail knelt before him a moment before standing. "My King? What is it that you need?" She asked, confused to be called up to the King's throneroom.

"Maydail, I wish you to honorably discharge the two Elves that were seriously injured in the spider squabble. Both (Y/n) and Laphada were injured too badly for them ever to fight at top form again." He said, swallowing hard as he remembered Laphada's horrific injuries. "I wish to promote both of them to the title of Hiril, and have them serve in my palace as throneroom guards."

"Ben iest lin(leen), Hir(heer) nin(neen). It will be done." Maydail said, bowing once more before exiting the room.

Once she was out of sight, Thranduil sighed, leaning back in his throne as he closed his eyes wearily. He'd gotten barely any sleep the past week, and he was physically and emotionally exhausted.

And thus Eithoron found his King hours later, slumbering on his throne.


Thranduil kept a careful eye on (Y/n) once she had been released from the infirmary. Maydail had reported that she had fought against being discharged from the Guard, but she had settled down once it became clear that she would never be as strong as she once was. And there were still times when the lasting damage from the venom caused her pain.

It was during those times that Thranduil deserted all formality, sitting with her in the infirmiry while she tossed and turned during the throes of the illness. And once the pain had left her, limp and weak on the cot, Thranduil would hold her, telling her stories from his childhood to try and distract her from the burning sensation the venom left behind.

"My King, why do you sit with me? You have more important things to attend to other than me." (Y/n) whispered one day, after Thranduil had finished another of his childhood stories.

"Have you not listened to me? You are never to speak that way of yourself. You, and only you, are the shining jewel of my heart." He said, no longer able to hold back his emotions as he continued, tears streaming down his ageless face. "Guren min gaim lin(leen) (Y/n). Estelion allen."

(Y/n) felt the hot tears stream down her own face as she heard the heartfelt words. "My King..." She broke off, unable to form words.

Thranduil watched her, drinking in her beauty. More expressions of his love rose in his heart. "Orthach 'uren ir tirach enni." He murmured, his heart fluttering in his chest as (Y/n) laid her head against his shoulder.

"My Lord, I know not what to say. "Nin lithiach..." She said, and Thranduil hushed her.

"Don't address me that way anymore. There is no need for you to be formal with me. Call me by my name. Thranduil." He said, his arm hugging her against his body.

She looked up, and Thranduil couldn't help smiling. Her lips parted with a soft sigh.


"Maer, meleth nin(neen)?" He murmured to her, captivated by her beauty.

"Mibo nin." She whispered, her voice almost inaudible.

Thranduil's eyes widened almost imperceptibly as her words registered. His lips parted slightly as he leaned down, his eyes closing with bliss as his lips gently touched (Y/n)'s.


"(Y/n)? Meleth nin(neen)? (Y/n)!?" Thranduil called frantically, pacing through the hallways of his palace. He didn't want her out of his sight during the besiegement of his fortress.

A sharp scream made him break into a run, drawing his sword as he did so. He ran out into the courtyard, and the sight made him lose all control. A mercenary held (Y/n) by her golden hair, and it had a sword at her throat.

"Set her down!" Thranduil yelled, stalking up, his breathing heavy with rage. The mercenary smiled, and dropped (Y/n), kicking her out of the way as he drew his own sword.

"Devig?" Thranduil growled, circling the mercenary. The mercenary just threw back his head back and laughed. "Never!"
Thranduil darted in and struck out, but the mercenary dodged, and stabbed. Thranduil became engrossed in the fight, focused on killing the creature who dared harm the love of his life.

But then his attention was rerouted to (Y/n)'s body as more mercenaries appeared and began to drag her away.

"No!" He yelled, and turned to run after them. He stabbed one, mortally wounded another, and was about to finish off the last one when he felt fire erupt in his side. He'd forgotten about the first mercenary. That one had snuck up behind him and stabbed him in the side.

"Die pitiful Elf, and watch while I kill your beautiful friend." He laughed as Thranduil stumbled, falling to his knees, clutching his bleeding side.

"Never you cowardly dog!" Thranduil yelled, struggling to his feet, and grabbing his sword. He ran at the man in a blind rage, plunging the sword straight into his abdomen and smiling as the man crumpled to the ground. Then he turned to (Y/n).

She lay still on the bloody grass. Thranduil felt his strength leaving him. Slowly, he slumped to the ground, the world fading into darkness.


Thranduil blinked against the bright light. He slowly sat up, wincing as pain shot through him. His wound in his side was bandaged, the snowy white strip of cloth winding around his bare abdomen.

"My King! You're awake!" Came the cheerful voice of Healer Olhind. She sashayed up to him, smiling.

"Where's (Y/n)." Thranduil said suddenly, the thought striking him like lightening. Olhind pushed him down. "My Lord, just rest. You lost a lot of blood before I could get to you." She soothed.

"Where's (Y/n)!" Thranduil almost screamed, his gaze desperate as he looked at Olhind.

"She's resting. Her ribs were broken, a-and she had a head injury. She's in a critical state right now. We aren't sure she'll make it through the night."

"Out of the way." Thranduil growled, sliding out of bed and walking over to the far corner of the infirmary. (Y/n) lay still and white on her cot, and Thranduil lost his composure.

The tears ran down his face, and sobs shook his body. He slid his hand into (Y/n)'s limp one. "Goheno nin..." He wept, gently kissing her cold cheek again and again.

"Hush." Came the whisper. "I'm trying to rest so I can get well." (Y/n) murmured, and Thranduil laughed, his tears drying. She would live.


"Ni mestathol (Y/n)?" Thranduil asked her anxiously, his hands clasping hers tightly. Even now, he was still nervous in asking the love of his life to marry him.

"Thranduil, Le mestathon!" She cried, reaching upwards to kiss him. "Gi melin..." She whispered softly against his lips. Thranduil rapidly blinked his eyes, glad she couldn't see his emotion.


Thranduil watched his bride walk down the aisle, her eyes shining as she watched him. She seemed to glow with happiness. Thranduil smiled, almost unable to believe that this beautiful creature was about to become his wife.

Thranduil clasped (Y/n)'s hands in his own, staring at her. "Anthon i velethril nin(neen) allen." He said, meaning every word.

(Y/n) smiled at him, tears shining in her brown eyes. "Anthon i velethron nin(neen) allen." She said, her voice trembling with emotion.

Lord Elrond smiled, and gave a nod of approval. "You have heard them pledge their love for one another, so I now pronounce you hervenn and hervess, King and Queen of Mirkwood."

Thranduil took the crown from the servant who offered it to him, and smiled at his new wife. "I crown you Queen of Mirkwood, to rule alongside me." He said, and gently placed the silver crown on her head. Then he leaned in and kissed her lips, gently at first, but then kissing her like she was his lifeline.


Once the moon had risen, Thranduil swept his bride off her feet and carried her away from the party to his private chambers. There he unlaced her gown, revealing a stunning body.

"Ci irui(eerooyuh)..." He murmured seductively, making her blush.

He brought her to his, their, bed, stripping his tunic to reveal a finely toned body. He lay next to her in the bed, his hands holding her close to him. He murmured quietly to her, then began to explore every inch of her body.

In the morning, the bright sunlight woke him, and he opened his eyes, gazing down at the figure snuggled against him. The memory of last night came flooding back, and he sighed contentedly. "I dhu(thoo) hen meren..." He said aloud, and (Y/n) slowly opened her brown eyes. She smiled up at him, sitting up and pulling up the white silken sheets to cover her bare body.

He leaned over and kissed her ruby lips. Last night they had sealed their marriage.


"My Lord, Lady (Y/n) requests your presence. She said it was urgent." A servant said, and Thranduil bolted down his throne.

He burst into his chambers, and ran straight over to his wife, who was sitting in a chair.

"What is it?" He asked anxiously, his eyes scanning her pale face. "Thranduil, it's time." She whispered, her hands holding her swollen abdomen.

Thranduil paled. He called a servant and sent them at a run for Healer Olhind. Then he returned to his wife's side. "It'll all be okay." He murmured more to comfort himself than (Y/n).

Healer Olhind arrived quickly and took charge of the situation. (Y/n) was helped to the bed, which had been spread with old sheets and rags. She lay propped up against pillows while Thranduil sat next to her. They settled in for a long wait.


"Aaaauugghhh!" (Y/n) moaned, her head thrown back against Thranduil's chest as a contraction seized her. Thranduil stroked her head and let her hold his hand. He bit his lip with worry, and made a face as she painfully squeezed his hand. (Y/n) panted for a moment before moaning again, and Olhind made an encouraging noise.

"Good girl, good girl, give me a big push now, I can see the head!" She said, and (Y/n) straddled her legs, groaning as she pushed. She gave a sharp gasp as the head slid out, and fell back against Thranduil as the child slid free of her loins.

"Agorel vae, meleth nin(neen)." Thranduil murmured to her, kissing her cheek as he watched Olhind clean the child off.

"It's a girl!" She pronounced, and Thranduil laughed aloud, tears streaming down his face as he gazing excitedly down at the baby that was laid in his wife's arms.

"She's beautiful!" (Y/n) whispered.

"Just like you." Thranduil said quietly, wiping at the tears as he thought a moment. Then he added two words.

"My Everything."

Elven Index

Elleth--Elven Woman.
Ellon--Elven Man.
Tiro hin(hee) Elbereth--May Varda watch over her.
Nan Belain--By the Valar.
Ceven dhaer, annos vellas lin(leen) cnin 'raw hen--Great Earth, may you give your strength to this body.
Suil Annui, erol thul(thool) lin i faer hen--Western Winds, may your breath lift this spirit.
Hir nin--My Lord.
Hiril nin--My Lady.
Ben iest lin(leen)--As you wish.
Maer, meleth nin(neen)--Yes, my love.
Mibo nin--Kiss me.
Nin lithiach--You enchant me.
Guren min gaim lin(leen)--My heart is in your hands.
Estelion allen--I believe/trust in you.
Orthach 'uren ir tirach enni--You lift up my heart when you look at me.
Anthon i veleth nin(neen) allen--I give you my love.
Ci irui--You're sexy
I dhu hen meren--What a night.
Agorel vae--You did well.
Meleth nin--My love.
Ni mestathol--Will you marry me?
Le mestathon--I will marry you.
Gi melin--I love you.

Character Cast

Laphada: Elleth with long brown hair and blue eyes. Courted by Cadwar. (To Follow)
Cadwar: Ellon with long black hair and green eyes. (Shapely)
Eberen: Ellon with long blonde hair and green eyes. (Bold)
Alaich: Elleth with long red hair and green eyes. (Sweet)
Casidh: Elleth with long black hair and brown eyes. Married to Kesel. (Peace)
Kesel: Ellon with long black hair and grey eyes. Married to Casidh. (Wise)
Sabain: Elleth with long golden hair and brown eyes. (Beautiful/fair)
Maydail: Elleth with long brown hair and blue eyes. Married to Dolen(Hidden/secret) with two little elleths: Edena(New), and Alfima(Slender/thin). (Beautiful/delicate/lovely)
(Y/n): Elleth with long golden hair and brown eyes.
Eithoron: Ellon with long black hair and grey eyes. (Servant)
Olhind: Elleth with long silver hair and blue eyes. (Fine/slender)

Weapon Cast

Echeleb: Thorn of Silver, sword of King Thranduil.

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