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A little known cooking secret that you've been using in the bottom of your pots and pans.
         There's a little known cooking secret that you'll find yourself using in the bottom of your pots and pans. When these pans and pots start warming up is when the magic starts taking place from this little cooking secret. The actual name of this substance that is used in baking, cooking, and frying isn't by any means a secret, but the original origin of it definitely isn't very well known to most people out there in the world. For over a hundred years chefs and cooks have been using this product when they are preparing, cooking, and baking their meals, however believe it or not this product was actually invented for an entirely different purpose other than cooking.

         Back in 1901 the German government contracted with German scientists to develop a lubricant for their submarine fleet. They did so at the German government's request, but since there were only about one hundred submarines at the time back then, there wasn't very much money or profit to be made by their hard work. So they took their invention, and went out in the world trying to attract other buyers who would be interested in this new product.

         Their invention caught the eye of Procter and Gamble, and they hit the jackpot when P&G showed some interest in this new innovation. Procter and Gamble purchased this invention, and after much consideration marketed it and sold it as an all-vegetable shortening, so that they could start recouping their initial investment. The company introduced this special kind of shortening to the market place in 1911. Something to take special note of is this may have been something fairly new to folks back in those times. After all most people in the era were still making their very own soap at home. P&G even got the stamp of approval from the American Heart Association after paying them around 1.7 million dollars. However back in those times not all that many people were aware of or even knew about the American Heart Association. This was probably a big boost to both Procter and Gamble as well as the American Heart Association.

         If you haven't figured it out by now what the name of this dual purpose product is, then in the spirit of the great Paul Harvey I'll now give you the rest of the story. By now most all of you have both heard of and used Proctor and Gamble's all-vegetable shortening called Crisco. That's right people, you heard it, good old Crisco once started out a long time ago as a submarine lubricant. Today Crisco is manufactured by the J.M. Smucker Company out of Orrville, and comes in a variety of different tubs. You probably didn't have any idea back when you were younger that when you were digging a finger full of Crisco out of that cardboard tub and putting it into your your mouth, that you were really eating pure submarine lubricant. Along with hearing the rest of the story here, now you've heard about a little known cooking secret.

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