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Rated: 13+ · Chapter · Fanfiction · #2208094
Chapter 4 of TAF--In a Galaxy Far Far Away.
Chapter IV

Phasma led me to the infirmary. It was a long way, full of twists and turns in identical hallways. I wondered how she found the places she needed to go until I caught sight of the small screen on her arm. It was a map showing our location as we moved through the Star Destroyer.

Finally, we came to an open doorway and Phasma pushed me through it. Inside, I saw rows of cots, doctors scurrying places, and more hallways leading who-knows-where.

"Farrison, Tauders! I have a humanoid needing attention!" Phasma barked, and two doctors in white lab coats hurried over. They were both female, and were obviously nervous in Phasma's presence.

"General Hux ordered Procedure 66, he wants to know immediately if anything suspicious comes up." Phasma said, and both doctors nodded.

"Yes, Captain Phasma." One said, and Phasma nodded before striding out, her stormtroopers following close behind. I stood uncertainly, watching the doctors.

"Come with me." Said one of the doctors who had long brown hair. She had spoken to Phasma. She took me by the elbow, her grip firm. I gulped.

She led me down a hallway, the other doctor close behind. She pushed me into a dark room, and clicked on the light, revealing a straight-backed chair similar to a dentist's chair. This didn't bode well. I started to panic, looking around for an escape route.

But the doctors must have expected this because they closed and locked the door, and marched me over to the chair, and pushed me into it, the straps clicking into place immediately. I tried struggling against them, but they were tight against my arms and legs.

"What are you doing?" I asked, my voice wavering with nervousness. The doctors apparently ignored me, because I couldn't see them from the chair, and they didn't answer.

And then the brunette came around the front of the chair, a cloth in her hand. She scrubbed vigorously at my right arm, leaving a cold, tingling feeling. Then she took out a long needle.

My eyes got huge. "Uh, I don't do well with blood or needles... Like, not at all." I muttered right before she pricked the needle into my skin.

"OW!" I shrieked, struggled against the restraints as I tried not to look at the crimson blood flowing into the syringe. I could feel my stomach squirming, and I tried to focus on other things. I really didn't want to throw up all over myself.

Then the doctor removed the needle, wrapping a thick cloth around my arm to stop the bleeding. "All over." She whispered, and then disappeared around the chair.

I could hear them doing something, and their muttered whispers. I must have sat there for several minutes before I heard the doors slid open. And I rolled my eyes as I heard him start speaking.

"Why did you call me? What were the results?" Hux asked, his voice just dripping with superiority.

"General Hux, sir, they were negative. She has no midi-chlorians what-so-ever in her blood." Came the trembling reply from one of the doctors.

"Take her to Cell block 47 then, I don't have a use for this girl." Came Hux's reply, as I processed the information.

"Hmm... So that's what they were doing with my blood. Testing for midi-chlorians. I could have told them I have no Force powers, I'm not even from this universe, but they wouldn't have believed me. So now I get to go sit in prison. 15 year old me, in prison. I'd never have believed it." I thought to myself, barely noticing as the doctors removed the restraints.

But then I woke from my thoughts as I was hauled out of the chair by a pair of stormtroopers. They marched me at gunpoint down the hallways, straight down into the bowels of the ship. They placed me in an unoccupied cell, in the unoccupied jail, and left. I was left alone with my thoughts, and the creaking of the ship.

But then I caught a snippet of a conversation between the two stormtroopers who were guarding this cell block.

"I wonder what will happen to her, she's virtually useless. Do you think they'll make her a stormtrooper?" One said, and the other snorted. Could stormtroopers snort?

"Hah, I don't think so. She's much too pretty for that job. The moment Ren sees her he'll find a position for her, somewhere close to him. I wouldn't want to be General Hux when we land on Scarif tonight..." It replied, and the first stormtrooper agreed.

"Definitely. I can't wait to finally breathe some fresh air instead of stale ship air! And to have some real food instead of nutrition discs!"

I stopped listening at that point. It just became mindless stormtrooper chatter. I had a new bone to chew on instead. Was I really that pretty? Would Kylo Ren react in the way the stormtroopers predicted?

Those questions bounced around in my head, leaving me deep in thought for the moment.
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