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Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Fantasy · #2208095
Centaur x Human foaling oneshot.
Amadeth & Songaa

Age at Foaling:

Amadeth: 25 years.
Songaa: 15 years.

Description and meaning of name:

Amadeth: Eternal Beauty
Woman with long auburn hair and brown eyes.
Songaa: Strong
White stallion with short curly blonde hair and brown eyes.

Centaurs have alternate names that they use in the presence of humans. They are not known by any other Centaurs except their parents or their mate. Songaa's is Chale (meaning strong,) and Amadeth's is Elquenna (meaning superior).


Telling Songaa:

Amadeth lay quietly in the Healer's Cave while Nuttah gently felt her abdomen. She had no doubt about what Nuttah might find, given the fact of her missing her last three cycles.

She exhaled softly, closing her eyes. It felt relaxing to have someone massage her stomach. But then Nuttah stopped her massaging, and Amadeth opened her eyes, looking up at the Centaur.

Nuttah smiled, and Amadeth could feel her heart excelerate in anticipation. "What do you think Nuttah?" She asked quietly.

"Well, I think you're about three months pregnant. Congratulations Amadeth!" Nuttah said, helping Amadeth up from her reclining position. "I'd suggest you tell Songaa soon, since he's been very worried about you."

Amadeth shook her head, smiling. Leave it to her mate to know her cycles... And if she missed one.

She walked outside, feeling the warm sun upon her face, and the warm summer breeze in her long auburn hair. As she walked, she thought about her unborn child. As a human, carrying a Centaur foal, she was more liable to have troubles during her pregnancy. And during delivery, due to the size of the foal.

Suddenly, the sound of hoof-steps brought her out of her thoughts. She looked up to see a white stallion trotting towards her, his muscles flexing powerfully under his skin.

"Elqa! I've been looking for you everywhere! I was worried!" He said, coming up to her and kneeling so that he could comfortably look at her face. "Don't ever do that again, please." He whispered, and Amadeth felt a pang of guilt upon seeing the worry on his face.

"I'm sorry Chale, I never thought to tell you. But why do you worry? I'm perfectly fine." She said, slipping her hand into his, and giving it a comforting squeeze.

"Elqa, you're a human among Centaurs, and it's not common for Centaurs to take a human as their mate. I was just worried." He said, but it didn't fully answer Amadeth's question.

"I know that Chale, but why do you worry?" She probbed, and Songaa looked away from her, sighing.

"Elqa, I love you so dearly, that I can't bear to have you out of my sight. I fear that something might happen to you. And I only want the best for you, My Dame. I worry because I love you." He whispered, drawing her closer to him, and nuzzling her hair.

"Oh Chale, that's so sweet." Amadeth murmured, and kissed his cheek. "I suppose that now you'll be much more protective of me. Oh, don't deny it, I know you knew that I was pregnant before I did. That's why you are so protective of me." Amadeth said, looking at him, smiling.

Songaa shook his head. "I suppose I should just acknowledge it now shouldn't I? Of course, I knew. You've been different these past few months, and I knew it. Even if you never did. And I'm excited for us! But you're a human..." He trailed off.

Amadeth put her hands on her hips. "Chale, I'm stronger than I look. You should know that. I'll be fine."

Songaa smiled uneasily. "Of course you will be."

The Foaling:

Amadeth paced, breathing in the warm mid-morning air. She concentrated on her breathing, taking her mind off of the small waves of pain that washed over her. When a stronger pain washed over her, she paused, then walked slowly off in search of Songaa.

She found him over by their sleeping area. She stopped for a moment, letting a contraction wash over her, then continued towards him.


He looked up, and seeing her walking towards him, quickly trotted over to her. "What is it? Do you need something?" He asked, but Amadeth shook her head, leaning against him as she took a deep breath.

"Ama? Is something wrong?" He asked, kneeling beside her and looking her all over with his soft brown eyes.

"It's time Songaa." She whispered, and Songaa's eyes widened. "How far along?" He asked, and Amadeth thought.

"I've been contracting for maybe two or three hours now..." She said, and Songaa stood.

"Do you want to go to Nuttah?" He asked, beginning to lead her in that direction. But Amadeth pulled away. "No. I want to be alone somewhere. With you." She said, laying a hand on his side.

"Amadeth, I'm not sure if that's a good idea, this being your first foal, and you being a human." Songaa said doubtfully, but Amadeth stood firm, taking deep breaths as another contraction washed over her.

"Please Songaa, it feels right to me. Going to Nuttah is the last thing I wish to do." She said, and Songaa relented.

"Okay. Let me grab a few things..." He grabbed some skins, and a pouch of water. Then he knelt to let Amadeth climb onto his back. She sat sidesaddle, holding tight around his waist as he trotted smoothly into the forest.

They traveled for perhaps 30-45 minutes before they came to a meadow. The sun was high in the sky, and Amadeth's contractions were coming with shorter intervals, and more intensity.

"Chale, stop. Stop now." She groaned, and Songaa knelt down, letting her slide off of him. She knelt on her elbows and knees, rocking back and forth.

Songaa eyed her worriedly for a moment before trampling down the grass to make a bed. "Chale!" Amadeth cried, and Songaa turned to her.

"Ama, here, come rest here." He murmured to her, and lifted her over to the trampled bed of grass. Then he lay next to her, curving his body around her.

Amadeth had stripped her pants, and lay against Songaa's body, her eyes closed as she panted. Then she groaned, and arched her back, a soft cry escaping her lips.

Songaa watched, unsure of what to do. It was up to her now. He couldn't have the foal for her, nor take the pain for her. All he could do was hold her close and worry.

Amadeth shifted her hips, moaning as she breathed through another contraction. But then there was liquid soaking into the grass between her legs. Amadeth cried out, her legs bent as she strained.

"Songaa!" She cried, bearing down, and he grabbed her hand. She squeezed his with an iron grip as she pushed.

Amadeth had never felt such pain before. As the foal slid forward, she could feel the head pressing on her. She bore down, groaning with the effort. The foal slid forward, but then slipped backwards as she relaxed.

Panting heavily inbetween her contractions, she looked at Songaa, and pulled his hand downwards, placing it on the foal's head. Songaa smiled, awestruck. But then Amadeth moaned loudly, and placed her hands behind her on his side, pushing herself forwards. She bore down, grunting with the effort. Then she gave a loud cry as the foal's head slipped through.

She reached downwards with both hands, holding the foal as it slid out of her as she pushed a final time. She gave a massive sigh as she did, and relaxed against Songaa, the foal pressed to her chest.

Songaa rubbed the foal dry with a handful of grass, and then wrapped it in the skins he had brought. Amadeth held it close, cooing to it as it wailed.

Lifting its back leg, Songaa proclaimed, "It's a colt!"

Amadeth smiled wearily. "And he shall be named Talaere. My sweet Tali."

Songaa put an arm around Amadeth, kissing her cheek. She smiled up at him for a moment before removing her shirt to nurse the colt.

He suckled greedily, and lay contentedly on her chest. Once he had his fill, he closed his eyes and fell asleep. Amadeth found her eyes closing as well. But as tired as she was from her exertion, she still heard the noises.

Songaa lifted his head, and looked toward it. "Stay here, I'm going to see what it is." He murmured, and Amadeth nodded. She lay back on the grass as Songaa stood up.

A dark shape loomed over her and she instinctively covered herself. A Centaur stallion stood above her. Songaa whinnied angrily and ran at him, driving him away from the clothing-less Amadeth.

"How dare you gaze upon her in that state!" She heard him yell, and she could hear the other Centaur apologize.

"I'm sorry, I did not know she was bare. We heard screams and came to see what was the cause. We knew you and her had been missing, so we assumed something was wrong. Do you want to come back to the Tribe?"

Songaa walked back over to Amadeth. "Are you ready to come back to the Tribe?" He asked, but she shook her head. "No, not yet."

Songaa nodded and walked back. "No, we are not ready yet. She has only just foaled."

"I understand. We ah, also thought that since she is uh, human, she might need the attentions of the Healer." Amadeth could hear the embarrassment in the other Centaur's voice.

Songaa moved back over to Amadeth, a look of concern upon his face. "Do you need to see the Healer?" He asked softly, and Amadeth again shook her head.

"No, I'm perfectly fine Songaa." She said, but he still looked doubtful as he walked away.

"No, she is fine. We will rejoin the Tribe in a day or so." She heard Songaa say. Then he came back over to her and watched the Centaur leave before he lay back down.

"Amadeth, are you sure you don't need to see the Healer? You humans are not made for Centaur foals." He said worriedly.

"Chale, I said I was fine. Don't worry." Amadeth said, trying to placitate him. It didn't work.

"Just let me see, Ama. I want to be sure you aren't in pain." He said, gently pulling her leg to the side. Amadeth sighed. She knew it wasn't pretty down there.

Songaa's face grew worried as he saw the condition of her southern parts. "Ama!" He whispered.

"I know it isn't pretty Songaa, but it's fine, honest. It just a little tear that will heal up very quickly. I expected something of the sort anyways." She said, making Songaa shake his head.

"I'll honor your wishes now, but I want Nuttah to look at it when we go back to the Tribe, okay?" He said, cuddling her against his chest. She nodded and closed her eyes. She was really tired. But then Songaa shook her gently.

"Elqa, do you want to move from this place? A drier spot perhaps?" He asked her quietly. Amadeth opened her eyes and nodded. It would be nice.

Songaa stood up and walked a little ways before trampling down another bed of grass. Then he came back to Amadeth and took Talaere from her. Holding him carefully, he moved the colt to the new bed, then went back for Amadeth. He easily scooped her up into his strong arms and smiled down at her as he carried her over.

Laying her down, he placed the foal back in her arms, and lay next to her.

Reaching his arms out, he gently pulled her closer to him. She lay her head on his shoulder and closed her eyes. Songaa sang softly to her, lulling her to sleep.

The meaning of the foal's name and a description:
Talaere: Blood of Pain/Love.
Copper colt with short auburn hair and

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