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The Story of the Watermelon
         Watermelons are everywhere you look in the hot days of summer. In the Southern hemisphere summer is coming to an end, and in the Northern hemisphere summer is right around the corner.

         I thought I'd write about a watermelon tale of sorts, to both say goodbye to and welcome summer. A long time ago there was a professional watermelon farmer, who lived way up in the mountains. His name was Jack, and he tended and grew some of the biggest watermelons that anyone has ever seen.

         The land was extremely very hilly in this particular rough region, so most of the farm land, to include the watermelon fields were on mountain sides. One growing season was especially rainy, so the watermelons grew exceptionally big that year.

         The watermelons were so big in size that Jack had to hire extra people to help harvest them at the end of the summer. The harvesting went rather slow, due to the fact that they could only load one watermelon at a time onto the horse drawn carts.

         As the harvesting continued along, one of those giant watermelons broke loose from it's vine, and rolled on down the hillside. It finally stopped, and rested on the railroad tracks far below. Before anyone knew it they could hear a locomotive coming from a distance away.

         Jack didn't want the train crashing into the giant sized watermelon, so they all ran down the mountain side to the watermelon. They discovered that it was much too big to move, so they all started to tunnel through it. They got finished digging just in the nick of time as the train drove straight through the giant watermelon and rumbled on past.

         It just so happened to be a passenger train, and all of the people inside stuck their hands out the windows and scooped themselves up some watermelon to eat. The railroad was so thankful for what Jack did that they presented him with railroad's meritorious medal of honor, and everyone lived happily ever after.
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