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An easy way of telling the weather.
         Unknown to most people out there in this big green and blue world today, meteorologist who are otherwise known as weathermen, have a secret weapon at their disposal to forecast the weather. But before we get into all of that, let's take a brief look at the person who's known as a meteorologist.

         There's actually no legal definition out there in this world of a meteorologist. Just try to get your weather forecast from somebody who's certified by the meteorological society, and good luck with that one. A matter of fact just about anybody can call themselves a meteorologist these days, and get away with it. After reading all of this, believe it or not, the highest paid person in the news room on a broadcast news show is the meteorologist.

         A lot of weather forecasting is hit and miss with the weatherman using fancy words like "shocking forecast" to get everyone's undivided attention on the radio, and television. The term "national weather service warning" actually means that dangerous weather most likely already exist somewhere out there. So why even bother with all of the fancy lingo? The reason is because bad weather is good for television ratings.

         Long range forecast are more of a guessing game with anything over three days not being very accurate, and preseason hurricane predictions are almost always wrong. Summertime rain showers, and thunderstorms are also hard to predict. These storms are so small in the summertime that it may be sunny all day over here, but just a little over a mile down the road it's raining.

         Of coarse your local weatherman doesn't want you to know any of these things, and possibly jeopardize his job. I mean anyone can stand up in front of a blue screen, and point at temperatures. Around here from time to time even little elementary school children are doing the weather segment on the nightly news programs.

         By now probably a lot of you may think that the weatherman's secret weapon that I was talking about at the beginning of this hub is the new Doppler radar system or some other new high tech device. However neither of those two things are correct. The method that I'm about to talk about is actually a lot simpler, and I discovered it all just by accident. I'm not so sure anymore if there's even any such thing out there as a Doppler radar system after seeing what I saw.

         What happened was the other day as I was walking by the local television station when I noticed the local meteorologist or weather girl going out back. So just out of simple curiosity I followed her, and I discovered her looking at this big rock. I slowly approached her, and asked her what she was doing? She smiled, and said that she was getting today's weather forecast from the mystical weather stone.

         I looked at her and said I thought that you had radar for that sort of thing, and that it's just a rock. She said, Oh no it predicts the weather just by simply looking at it. I said, How? She said it's simple, if the rock is wet, then it rained. If the rock is dry, then it's sunny. If the rock has snow on it, then it's snowy. If the rock has ice on it, then it's sleeting.

         She went on to say that this mystical weather stone can even tell you the time of day. I said how's that possible? She said if you can see the rock, then it's day time. If you can't see the rock, then it's nighttime, and that's how we predict the weather around here. Before going back inside to do the nightly news she told me if I knew anyone who was interested in one that she'd be more than happy to sell a chip off of the old rock for a really good price.

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