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by Paul
Rated: E · Short Story · Contest Entry · #2208122
Ian has needs in two different worlds.
         “Hey, Ned! What’s up?”
         “Hey, Ian, long-time-no-see!”
         “School, you know. I don’t even date or drink beer because it takes too much time. Work, study, school, periodically I get to eat and sleep and shower. I only shower every 4 days for the extra time.”
         “Yep... always thought you was a nut case.”
         “I know what I want. That graduate study program with Dr. Varia Yakovleva, she’s the leading expert in digital simulation theory in the world.”
         “She is one hot number. Seen her on TV.”
         “She has a mind like Hawkings was, she can build the universe in her mind and manipulate it at any level, macro to micro. She is also beautiful.”
         “And you wanta’ be rubbin’ ’ginst that every day.”
         “Ned, you’re disgusting. I may have to stop coming here. You’re missing the point, simulation is my passion, I want to be able to do what she can. Think like that, with detailed knowledge that’s almost godlike. I need that. It’s what my life’s about.”
         “But you won’t quit. You need all this, and me. I’m not the smartest guy in the world, you may be some day, but I have a grounded knowing that you need, the opposite pole. There are as many levels of knowing as there are people.”
         “You’re right, of course. I’ll never leave, I love you, Ned, and this place too much. I remember Walt, I loved that man. He became my grandpa too.”
         “A Tulsa policeman for 35 years and never drew his gun in anger. He was very proud a that.”
         “I remember... okay, where’s the best squirrel hunting?”
         “East, over the hill. Well prob’ly scare up a rabbit or ten too so I’m bringing the .410, you?”
         “I’ll bring my .22 Ruger Single Six as always.”
         “Let’s get goin’ then.”
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