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When gifts don’t arrive at their destination.
When gifts are lost for holiday
there is a sense of deep dismay;
gift-givers sense an overthrow
and thus they feel their anger grow
when gifts just seem to fly away.

The trust for carriers may stray
like silence in a cabaret;
gift-givers feel a sense of woe
when gifts are lost.

One wonders if it’s feet of clay
or maybe careless disarray,
or some such deed not apropos
within the trucks that come and go;
there’s disappointment on display
when gifts are lost.

15 Lines (Rondeau)
Writer’s Cramp

(The rondeau is composed of fifteen lines, eight to ten syllables each, divided stanzaically into a quintet, a quatrain, and a sestet. The refrain consists of the first few words or the entire first line of the first stanza, and it recurs as the last line of both the second and third stanzas. Two rhymes guide the music of the rondeau, whose rhyme scheme is as follows (R representing the refrain): aabba aabR aabbaR.)

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