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This entails of a letter that a future self composed while speaking to his younger self.
Essay writing: The Importance of Time.

My Past Self: I'm feeling a little bit ticked off with how things are going.
My Future Self: It's fine. Sometimes we cannot change the way life goes. It's part of a moving cycle that we have to encounter.
My Past Self: Then if that is the case, I have to go through these problems?
My Future Self: Yes, you will understand someday. Here, take this with you and read it with your heart.

A Letter to my 14-Year-Old Self

When you read this, you might think that I might be writing this letter to boast where I am right now or to even tell myself that I have achieved something. But, that is not the case. I write this letter to you, because I want you to know that there is a road ahead of you that if full of so much to look forward to. There will be a time wherein you will tell yourself that I am failure and I was a failure, that the life ahead of you will be full of demise, full of hate, full of sorrow. But in the end I promise you, everything will be worth it. You will enter into an illusion, which will make you think that happiness, and comfort will be there. But I tell you this: you will feel betrayed afterwards. You will feel grief, that the people you think are your companions in your life will be the ones who will leave you out, painful, hurt, depressed. Yes. It sucks real badly. People would always think that they are higher than you. They would always act out, as they are your superiors. When situations like these come, don't falter, don't give up, and don't drown your own being in that dark area where there is pure nothingness. Instead, look at things in objectivity. Reality should not be with you in a personal way. It should be with you without any bias but therefore have a sense of equal fairness. You can be subjective to the point that you are stating your opinion to emphasize what you want to say, but not to make relationships go personal. Yes, this world is full of apathy, full of "it's always like that you cannot do anything about it," full of entropy, full of "whatever society does you follow it." But we have to stand for what is right, no matter the situation. I have people living at home who won't seem to try to understand your point of view. It's very much unfair especially for you and me, right? That's the kind of reality that you will face. They want to be prideful and earn every single moment to their own right and feel like they are the top of the chain of hierarchies. How unfair right? Yeah I know it to be true, because I keep experiencing it fully. They want to feel safe and put you down to a point that you can't react anymore. People are so sensitive of what they say that they want to feel safe in every conversation and want satisfaction for their own will. You just become stoic, nothing more than that. I wished to become full explored what I knew today and maybe share it with you. That is if ever I meet you through a time machine. Don't always aim for winning; aim to become a better person throughout your journey. Aim to know and understand the situations around you. Be the best person for other people, for you will develop and be good. Don't settle for something superior, something greater, or something that would obsess you completely that you'd overdo and put yourself in turmoil. Live. Love Learn. And continue to be yourself around people.

From your dearest 22 year old self

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