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This essay discusses the negative effects of pride on the society and the person.

Pride (The Biggest Downfall of All)

Sometimes, I figure to myself on why do people try so hard, never to repent, only to prove that they're right in their lives. One thing's for sure, pride, the greatest sin I've known, is always on their way, hindering the truth that was set towards them. I just hope, people would try to get out of this self - centered stage and move on with their lives. Why can't they just go with the flow, or try to keep up and help one another? Sometimes, I also ask myself that is it because of bigger problems? But, no. The way I think about it, it feels like they don't want to be corrected, nor helped or assisted by younger people. The way I see it, older ones, tend to have this certain pride, because they don't want to be ashamed, and yet they think that they already know the world. That's wrong! Life cannot be survived if you're all alone. That's why, it's important to communicate with one another. Aside from that, if people think that they know you more than you know yourself, that's also a mistake. It is how you project yourself to others, and how they receive the response to create their own towards you. Sometimes, it's not always about age, the looks, and the physical format or the reputation of the person, but rather, it's about how he or she experiences life, responds to it, and blends in with what today is. That can only determine his or her true character in God's eyes. Life is beautiful, serene, and amazing that it can aspire you in an emotional response of awe. However, if you don't accept reality and the truths around you, then what good is to live rather than to die. It's time you face the facts and accept your mistakes, because who knows! Maybe, something good will come for you or greater. We all go through a learning experience. It is not an option. It is a part of life. This is why I tell you; don't turn your back on the people who try to correct you, because you're just running away from reality.

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