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Rated: 13+ · Chapter · Fantasy · #2208270
Magical arts school
Chapter 1
The fire

“what that orange light coming towards us”said Aszell,” it coming from behind us to”said Jacim. “Why is everyone running out of the park” said Natisla, “it fire oh wait fire run everyone run” said Casesya “what” the other reply it fire she shouted.

They began to run towards the far exit to escape the flames but the fire caught up and surround them. This way, no that way, Said Casesya, “which way now” said Jacim, “I don’t know” said Casesya, “so were trapped by fire great” said Natisla.

2 hour later

“What that sound said Aszell”, “I hear it too said” Jacim, “yeah it's fire trucks sirens” said Natisla, “we’re save” said Casesya. They start cheering. Cough ,Cough I can’t breath says Casesya she passes out, “what happened to Casesya is she dead”, no it can’t be” say Jacim he began hyperventilating, “clam down Jacim she just past out” said Aszell then Jacim becomes unconscious after hyperventilating.

Water extinguish some of the flame surrounding them, “who there” Natisla says, a tall woman appeared in front of them “followed me” woman says, “what about them” said Aszell, I will carry them the woman says. The woman pickups Jacim and Casesya. The woman makes a path to the far exit.

They reach the exit, who are they ask Natisla, their my subordinates of my the woman says, take them to my outpost the woman tells the friends. The woman runs back into the park.

The subordinates and the children get into a vehicle and drive to her place.

News reporter broadcast a fire broke out in a park this afternoon likely no one was killed, firefighters are still there eliminating the flames. It took 4 hour to extinguish the flames.

“Where are we”ask Aszell the men, “we’re in PE class then fire broke out in the park so we got separated“ said Natisla. “ I can’t tell you that”, “what up with your friends” they ask, cough cough “oh they pass out from the fire earlier” said Aszell. Get the doctor say one of the men.

A doctor walk in to treat the unconscious children “you two take this pill it will help with your coughing”the doctor says to Aszell and Natisla. “Are they going to be okay doctor?” ask Natisla, “there are going to be okay, just give them this when they wake up,” he says.

Jacim was first to wake up, “What happen” said Jacim, you hyperventilate earlier said Aszell, where Casesya said Jacim, “she over there still sleeping”said Aszell. Tall woman enter the building, “you’re back did you catch them“no they got away” tall woman and her subordinates talk about the event earlier today.

Few hours later Casesya wakes up “where I am,” she says, “you are in a medical bed”said Jacim. “How long have I been out for?” “About 4 hours” said Aszell. The leaves the medical room and walked down the hall. “Supper is ready one the men” said. They enter a room with a giant table able to set 12 people.

What are your names children ask the woman, “I’m Aszell belles, I’m Jacim planes, I’m Casesya drones and I’m Natisla pies” the children say what yours name, “I’m Mrs. Suborn also the commander of these men”.

“Mrs. Suborn what are you going to do with us?” ask Natisla “Well there a question either you can be taken back to nonlands and forget this ever happen or you can come with us to Zenlands which shall it be children?

“If you decide to come with us you’re be able to help us for a greater cause, I will enform your family of your decision Said Mrs.Suborn.
“ Well we were in an orphanage school for the poor” the children said.

“What that” ask Mrs.Suborn, “it a school for the children who have parents that can’t afford education for their children” said Aszell.” Oh well that changes thing how about this If come with us your family’s would be given some money exchange for your education at a better school, so which is children?” Said Mrs.Suborn.

After a few minutes of thinking the children decide to go with Mrs. Suborn.


Chapter 2
A month later

The children were integrated into a school in Zenlands. They enter a class room and tame a set. “Everyone I'm Mrs. Mint and I will be your home room teacher for the year any questions,” she said.

“I have one what the difference between Zenland and non-lands” ask Casesya.
“The difference is that nonlands people normally can’t control zeal while in Zenland people can normally control zeal”, anyone else, “yes what is zeal?” ask Aszell.

“Well it what allow us to perform magic arts for example” she held out her hand and a flare of fire hover above it, “cool” the students muttered, any other questions, a few moments later, “well with questions are over let’s begin class” Mrs.Mint said.

“Now everyone time to find out what magic arts style you are” said Mrs.Mint.
A transparent cube on top of a totem raise out of the ground in front of the classroom.

“Now in set order come up and place your hand on the cube” Mrs Mint says. Aszell was first to go up, he put his hand on the cube, the cube began to glow rainbows colors, “elementals now write your name on the board with the style you are”say Mrs.Mint.

(Smart Boards below)

1. Aszell : elementals
2. Baylor : elementals
3. Casesya: spiritual
4. Diana : light
5. Rae : light
6. Christ: projection
7. Belladonna : elementals
8. Steven : spiritual
9. Rose : projection
10. Tigean : elementals
11. Jenny : elementals
12. Hubert : elementals
15. Lynn : light
16. Zane : projection
17. Natisla: projection
18. Morgan : spiritual
19. Jacim : light
20. Hannah : elementals

“For those of you that are elementals stay here the rest of you go to these class room light room 9, projection 13 , spiritual 17 for the type of style you are” Mrs.Mint said. After the students when to their classes every class has 20 students of the same magic style.

Now everyone come with me to the elementals testing area said Mrs.Mint. They exit the class room and walk outside from the teaching building and head to the training buildings. They enter a giant area of flat ground with tons test manikins.

“Now Students try casting each of the 8 elements to see which one you can control” said Mrs.Mint. “I have a question Mrs.Mint” said Aszell , what is it?” Said Mrs.Mint , “What are the eight elements?”said Aszell “Great question Aszell well the eight elements are fire, water, earth, air, ice , sand , lightning, and metal also to cast a elementals you must think of the elements as your try to cast it good luck” said Mrs.Mint

I wonder what elements I will be able to control thinks Aszell.

Chapter 3

“Let try fire first” said Aszell he hold out his hands and thinks of fire. Fire shoots out of his hand and scorch the manikin. “Awesome” ice next ice shards fell to the ground from his hand, “not as cool lighting then” and sparks of light flashes on his hands.

He tries the other elements and nothing happens. After the other students were done the teacher told us to go back to class for more lessons. They walk out the testing building and head towards classroom.

In the classroom Mrs. Mint, now how many elements could you emit student, the room goes silent, ok them I’m put three numbers on the walls and students go to the number equal to the amount that you can emit.

so we got 12 single, 6 duel, 2 triple, interesting. “How many can you emit Mrs.Mint?” ask Aszell, “I can do all eight but I’m only skilled in four of the eight Elements” she replied. “Over time your all be emit each element but it a long time to train all elements to it full potential and only a few people have done that in our history,” said Mrs. Mint.

“Who were the people that were able to use all elements” ask Belladonna. It was one of the Four creators of the Zenland which was a man who lived over 400 years ago and his name was Cadmus answer Mrs.Mint.

That be all for to day next class I will show how to use an element said Mrs.Mint.

I wonder who my roommate are Aszell thinks and his walks back to his dorms.
His open the door to his dorm and enter the room. He sees another student setting his stuff up from out of his suitcase on the left side of the room.

“Hi I’m Tigean from your elemental class early” said Tigean, nice to meet you I’m Aszell said Aszell. “So what elements were you able to emit Tigean?” ask Aszell.
“I can emit electric and sand for now anyway what about you” ask Tigean, “oh I can emit fire, ice, and, electric” replied Aszell.

Natisla walk into classroom 13 for projecting style. “Take a set Natisla please said” the projection teacher said. Natisla looks around to see mostly boys in the other sets.

“Good morning all students I’m Mr.Glance and I will be teaching you the projection style of magical arts any question before I began” ask Mr. Glance

“Yes what is projecting style magic” ask Natisla “well there four different styles of projection magic they are long rang, mid range , close range, and defense,” said Mr.Glance.

“Projection magic is that you summon combat weapon, for example he says great sword,one appear in his hands and the reason why is white it because once you’re distracted the projection will disappear so stay focused when summoning a projection”said Mr.Glance

Now does anyone have questions about Projection magic? ask Mr.Glance. “Yes what happens when a projection magic weapon hit another projection magic weapon in combat” asked Rose. Well the projection will act like the real weapon but depending on how well skills the people fighting one projection could break the other projection replied Mr.Glance.

Class was half way over. “It is time to choose your affinity my students now follow me” said Mr.Glance. Mr.Glance and the students walk out of the classroom and stroll towards a room with a sword and shield plaques on the door.

Mr.Glance open the door “your affinity awents awaits”side Mr.Glance. The students enter the room.

Natlisa look a four podum in front of four corridors telling which them what room are the different style of projection magic.

Natlisa and Rose open doors and dash down the hall.

Chapter 5

Jacim enter class room 9 “you must be Jacim yes I hear you and the other four were coming,take a set” said the light Teacher. Hello students my name is Mrs. Heria and I'm the treacher light magic style.

“welcome students to light magic style also the best style of the four because it has on role in a party,”said Mrs. Heria. “What do you mean by that?” ask Rae “well what I’m saying is that light can be used in many ways to support your party,Light is a resourceful style of magic, but is basic to learn but hard to master so be careful when you're using it,” she replied.

“Could you give some examples Mrs. Heria?” ask Jacim. “sure light mainly used for lighting a cave, reflecting or shooting beams of light, searching for clues, and for blinding your emery to name a few and take it easy this class is not hard I think anyway so let’s have fun students”.

Mrs. Heria gave everyone a book call the ways to use light “I want to read up to chapter 3 in this book by Friday and today is Monday so plan wisely and don’t read ahead” she warned the students.

The bell rings meaning end of class. Jacim goes to his dorm to unpack and organize his belongings. Few minutes later Rae enter the dorm. Hello there you must be my roommate I’m Jacim, I’m Rae it’s nice to meet you.

Part 6 in the making

(Please read my other story if your waiting)
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