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A mystery about a young woman, who becomes traped in fatal game of chess.
The air was a crisp 27 degrees, Sara walked home alone, her brown hair flowing in the accassional gust of wind. As she walked the only thing on her mind was getting out of the cold and into a nice hot shower, with a hot cup of tea soon to fallow when suddenly a strange man bumped into her. Hard. He never said a word. Not "sorry" not "excuse me." Nothing. "What an ass."she thought. He didn't even apologize. That was the kind of day Sara was having. So brushing it off, she continued on her way and After a few blocks she was there. Home. She unlocked the door went straight to her bathroom turned the shower on to prepare, however, upon de-robeing the young woman noticed a tiny red speck on her jacket. Twas odd but with the kind of day she had just survived Sara just wanted to shower, eat and wast the rest of her time doing as she saw fit. No more stress, no more work and most of all no more people. When she finished in the shower, Sara made her way to the kitchen to prepare the nights meal. She wanted patato soup or mashed potatoes and gravy but she could not for the life of her, remember where she put the pairing knife. So leftover chicken it was. there she sat eating her still half cold microwaved chicken breast until a knock came from the door. Oh God what now she thought.
It was the police. "Good evening ma'am." Said the officer. "I'm going house to house doing a few routine checks Have you seen or heard anything anything odd lately?" He asked. Sara, blushing just shook her head in a shy manner, far too nurvous to speak. The instant her eyes fell upon the cute policeman at her door her tongue was tied and she lost all control over her own train of thought. She didn't even hear the question, all she could think about was the hot guy in uniform at her door...and his handcuffs. "Well you be careful miss, we've had reports of thrives in the erea so keep things locked up, are you the only one staying at this residence? Sara, still frozen in a daydream finally responded (after an awkward amount of time had passed) "yes, yes sir I do. I mean I am" That's a shame he said, we all need someone from time to time. You have a good night, I won't keep you I know it's late...and cold." With that he was on his way. Sara closed then locked the door and, on trimbling legs, and with a pounding heart made her way to bed.
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