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Rated: ASR · Fiction · Crime/Gangster · #2208333
A secondary Pov for my other OC story, JANET (I'm not done writing it yet!)
Characters You Will Meet:
Charles Johnathan Washburn...The main character
Amelia Janet Scott...The other main character; the girl of his dreams
Bruno...the prison bully
Tracy Harbing...the person who rides beside Charles on the train

The day I got arrested changed my life. I was a 16-year-old who was innocently being charged for 1st-degree murder. My sister’s ex was the culprit, but everyone blamed me for it. My whole family hated me because now my sister was dead. My adoptive parents put me back up for adoption, but it was too late. The government already had me in their clutches. My other older siblings, Masako and Akimasa knew the truth, but they were threatened with the same fate as Miku, my dead sister. As I was lead out of the seeming kangaroo court, I contemplated my future life. Innocent, charged with 1st-degree murder, pleaded guilty, and in prison for the next 25 years. Things were not going good for me.
Chapter 1: The Train Ride
It’s the first day, and I’m clueless about what is going on. I am escorted out of the Bethel County Jail to a police car waiting. I am then taken across town to the train station. The train cars are a loud neon orange color and I was seated closest to the aisle. The ride itself was very uneventful, but I wasn’t used to the time-zone change. About the third day in, the train made a second stop. The only passenger to get on at this stop was a heavily guarded 18-year-old. She arrived in a SWAT van, had manacles and chains, and was escorted by 15 armed officers. The thing that stuck out to me was the fact that she was bored. It was almost like she was used to the guards, used to the fact that she was in chains, almost like she didn’t care. When she was seated, the first thing she was told was “Don’t try any funny business, Janet. If you would just wait 5 days, then you’ll be able to get off this train. Ok?” Shrugging it off, she turned to look out of the window. Janet? As in, Black Cat Janet?? I sit in wonder, then awe. She was beautiful. I had never seen a girl that pretty. I tried smoothing out my hair, but as usual, it had a mind of its own...
That night, I was woken up by an ever-so-slight filing sound coming from Janet’s side of the aisle. It almost sounded like she was filing at the lock at the window. Apparently, it caught the attention of a passing guard too, because the sound stopped.
“Just what do you think you’re doing,” the guard asked.
“Filing my nails,” was the excuse.
“Very funny. Come with me.”
The guard started leading her to one of the farther back, soundproof cars. Finally, some peace and quiet.
SLAM! Silence, then THUD! A few seconds go by… *scuffling on the deck between the train cars* GHAHHHHHHHH! THUD…. @!$& You, you little #**$%@* $^$*@%$* @%&$ !!!!!
The officer stumbles back into the train car with a broken nose and jaw. In her hand is one of those handheld versions of a tactical TASER. Several officers run-up.
“What happened out there, Catherine!? Did you let her get away,” One of them demanded? The other officers started to join in but were cut off with a wave. Catherine nodded, then hung her head in shame.
“Well, we can’t change it now. Let’s get you cleaned up and your face looked at.”
Taking Cat under her arm, the officer led Catherine to the front of the train. The other officers trailed behind them.
Chapter 2: A Conversation with Tracy
In the morning, the fight/escape was the talk of the train car.
The young lady beside me introduced herself as Tracy.
“Hey, Charles? Is that your name?”
“Yeah. that’s my name. What’s up?”
“Who escaped? I’ve heard that you watched the whole thing. Were you awake when it happened?”
“Yes, I was awake when it happened. The fight itself happened in the little area between the train cars. Do you know the girl who was oh-so-heavily-guarded? Well, they did that for a reason. I think she was Black Cat Janet, because that SAME night, she escaped. I woke up to the sound of her filing on the window. I think she noticed a guard coming because the sound stopped. The guard noticed it too because she asked Janet to go with her to one of the back cars. Those things are soundproof, you know that? Anyway, somewhere between the two cars, a fight broke out, someone got Tazed, and Janet got away,” I explained.
“Oh. Oh wow! The Black Cat Janet? I’ve heard that she killed her dad at 8-years-old, murdered the vice president at age ten and got away with it since she made it look like a suicide, was on the top five FBI Most Wanted at twelve years old, and attempted to steal the Crown Jewels. She had to drop them off at an alleyway to avoid being killed though”
“And exactly how much of this is factual?”
“All of it! When you get a chance, if you get a chance, just look it up. It’s all on a government-managed site.”
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