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by Norman
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Those same old Christmas songs
I’m looking for the end,
for Christmas to be done.
You know…
The chaos and the stress -
who thinks that this is fun?

You’re running all around.
The temperature’s so cold.
You think…
Why am I doing this?
This trip is getting old.

Or maybe it’s just me
that’s getting really old.
I shrug…
Well, I’m no longer young.
And damn, I am real cold.

“Cold bastard,” says my wife.
“You’re just a Scrooge at heart.”
That hurts…
I’ll tell you what gets me -
that music when it starts.

Those same old Christmas songs,
you hear them every year.
Oh man…
They just annoy me so.
It’s painful to my ears.

And then there are the ads.
You can’t escape the ads.
All day…
Again and then again,
enough to drive you mad.

It’s not that I am cheap,
afraid to spend a buck.
Oh no…
But what to buy my wife?
I ponder but I’m stuck.

It’s such a stressful time.
I want to hold my head.
Poor me…
I can’t find any joy,
just misery instead.

Okay, I’ll be okay.
I think I’ve calmed down now.
You know…
The holidays are hard.
But I’ll pull through somehow.

I finally found a gift
I think my wife will like.
I’ll buy her some new boots
so she can take a hike.

Then I will have some peace
while she’s out in the snow.
Bye, bye…
And that’s her gift to me,
all wrapped up with a bow.

Peace on Earth
Good Will to Men

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