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A snowman discusses life's difficulties with a rabbit
292 words, written for a Daily Flash Fiction challenge to write a story that includes the words in bold.

Frosty the Snowman was a jolly, happy soul. But when the wind howled, he wasn't so happy. “What was that kid thinking?” Frosty asked a nearby bunny. “He gave me buttons, but no coat to button up.”

The bunny wiggled its ears, but said nothing.

“And I have a scarf,” Frosty continued, “but that just softens my neck.”

The bunny wiggled its ears again, and nibbled at some low-growing shrubbery.

“And,” said Frosty, “he gave me a corncob pipe, but nothing to light it with.”

“Well,” said the bunny, whose ears had stopped wiggling, “you shouldn't smoke anyway. And your eyes are made out of coal, for goodness sake. You do know that coal is flammable, don't you?”

“Would you mind backing up?” said Frosty. “Your quite close, and I'm afraid my head will fall off if I bend my neck too far.”

The bunny backed up a few feet. “I guess I'm lucky that I have a fur coat and that I'm not made out of snow. But being a rabbit does have its disadvantages.”

“Such as...”

“That kid's dog, for one. He'd eat me in a second if he could catch me.”

“You're lucky you have legs. And I guess I'm lucky that dogs don't eat snowmen. Although the kid grabbed a chunk out of my side once and tossed it to his dog. And that mutt bit the chunk all to pieces.”

“Wow,” said the bunny. “Did it hurt when the kid tore out that chunk?”

“Only my pride, so I guess no harm was—uh, oh. Here come the kid and his dog. You'd better hide.”

“Thanks. And Merry Christmas.” The bunny disappeared under the bushes, and the snowman sat still, as snowmen always do when humans are around.
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