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About changing the content in life
Hello everyone before i describe myself i would love you to thought how i am by seeing this story of mine.
After being born in a middle class family and then coming to live a life in city ๐ŸŒƒ thatโ€™s hard for your parents at first to adopt this things still they managed now when i was a child i always try to run from a things which was going to be good for my future and today i love that i am not running from it. So the things start when i used to play ona street the behaviour was different and the home behaviour was different people used to like ua all. But i used to be vulgar all time while playing that stuffs has been a problem if aomeone caught then. It was difficult i try to ahortcut it by neglecting the tone and how i came by stopping is always beleibing at very young age that it is bad and I believed my parents strictness proof to be right. So as the days goes on i came to know that we are humans to love and they shall love everyone. By going to the school one day when my mom told me okay now your school has started and i was at school making my mistake was sitting at 3rd standard class on the first day. How funny ๐Ÿ˜‚ and after sitting for four lecture of 30 minutes my mom came to me at break and realize that i was not present and hope fully i goea down at the break and find out my mom after seeing my mom i was like what the hell i was doing at that class. Hopefully it was just god faith to give me that hope you will succeed if your mom prayer is with you. You never know who you are taking with yourself. And my time of some other works comes i litterly bunk that going with my brother and then suddenly from back of them i goes out of nowhere i was not knowing also taht i am bunking and goes to the ground sitting alone why i am so afraid of beating i why i am not proper at studying arabic. This all things make me so happy tonight that i am writing to you hope you qill like to here about mine life as i am passing day by day a greater view of myself. Thank you will write tomorrow
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