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Rated: E · Fiction · Sci-fi · #2208602
It came out of nowhere
Mysterious Visitor
WC 295

John and George sat in the command module. They looked out the porthole.

“Where’d it go?” asked John. His head whipped back and forth, and suddenly hit George.

“Ouch, watch out!” George rubbed his head.

“Sorry, did you see where it went?”

“I wasn’t watching, you were. What’d you see?”

John was still in front of the porthole. “Well, it came out of nowhere. First it all was just black out there then it was in front of my eyes. I saw a weird thing and then it was gone.”

“That’s it? A weird thing?” George couldn’t believe his ears. “You got me to call command for a weird thing?” He shook his head and slapped John on the head.

“Ouch! Watch it!”

“NO, John, you watch it! You stay at the porthole and watch it! Because command will be wanting a report. And in that report WE will have to tell them what WE saw and what it looked like. So you are now on official weird thing patrol.”

As John and George proceeded to argue about who would take the blame for not reporting this encounter in a timely manner, they totally missed the next encounter.

The mysterious visitor stopped in front of the porthole. It looked inside the command module and waved to the occupants. With their backs to the porthole, George had a laptop and was pointing to it while John shook his head.

The visitor was still in front of the porthole. It was now tapping on the glass. John and George were bent over a desk, talking into a radio. Finally the mysterious visitor floated away just as John went back over to the porthole.

“It’s not coming back, George. It’s been at least an hour. Let’s move on.”

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