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Christopher has so much Christmas spirit he would love to work for Santa Claus.
Screaming rowdy children were pushing and shoving in a long line. One young kid around age ten was standing in line with his mother while she was on a hectic business call. He was holding his hand over his ears because of the noise and he tried tugging on her coat to get her attention. After a few tugs she got annoyed “what Christopher” she shouted while she walked out of line. Christopher was up next and one of the elves directed him to Santa Claus. “Ho, ho, ho. You’re a little big for Santa’s lap” he joked. Christopher waved his insult off “that’s okay. I just need a minute to talk Mr. Claus” he said pulling out a note pad and pen. “You see I love Christmas. Always have and I was wondering what I have to do to come work for you” he asked so sincere? The elves laughed and Santa silently asked Christopher come here with his finger. He whispered “you see son I specially hand pick my workers. I wouldn’t be surprised if you wake up tomorrow with a special invitation to the North Pole” he winked as Chris wrote down notes. Upset his mother grabs him by the arm pulling him out of the mall. When they got into the car his mother hit the steering wheel accidentally honking the horn. Understanding her frustration Chris asks “are you okay”. Agitated she answered “No. It’s like they think I can magically get all this work done. If this continues there’s going to be no Christmas”.

Later on that night she was putting Chris to bed “mom are we really not going to have Christmas”. She exhales disappointed in herself “no honey. Of course we are. I should have never said that. I was just upset” she kisses him on the forehead “sweet dreams” she said closing the door. When Christopher woke up he stretched reaching under his pillow and he felt something. He pulled out a shiny green ticket to the North Pole. He shouted in excitement running out of his room “mom, Mom” he was yelling for her. He ran into her room but her bed was empty. He walked around the entire apartment until he came across a note on the refrigerator.
“Went to work for a few hours - Mom”

A noise frightened him and when he turned around an elf in a green suit that had pointy ears was standing behind him. “Are you ready” he asked in a squeaky voice. “Ready for what” he asked confused? “What do you mean? Didn’t you get a ticket? Christmas is tomorrow and Santa needs your help. You can save Christmas”. Christopher follows him down the fire escape to a sleigh in the back alley. Ecstatic Chris climbs into the sleigh “where’s Rudolph” he asked? “Are you kidding? He only flies for Santa. Oh, and I’m Nutmeg by the way” as he pulled the reigns to signal the reindeer.

Christopher and Nutmeg lands at the North Pole and they walk into the workshop. The sounds of click-clacks and hammering overtook the room. Santa Claus was overseeing the elves work when he spotted Chris. “Good your here. Thank you Nutmeg”. Nutmeg nods and Santa takes Christopher to his office “I told you you would get an invitation”. Chris looks shocked “that was really you”. Santa laughed “who did you think it was”. Chris shrugged his shoulders “my mom told me you were not real”. “Really” he said dismayed. “Come on. Let me give you the tour”.

Bobbling Christmas presents stacked Christopher’s mother walked in the house “Chris” she called for him. “Sweetie” she yelled for him again dropping the presents on the kitchen table but there was no answer. She spotted the green ticket on the table and immediately looked concerned. She noticed the note on the refrigerator next to the one she left
“Went to the North Pole”
She grabbed her keys off the kitchen table running out of the house. Back at the workshop Christopher follows Santa around being fascinated by the elves work. Santa Claus sets Chris up at the rubber duck station “you push this button to move the conveyor belt and then pull this lever to mold the plastic”. While Chris tried operating the machine Mrs. Claus walked into the shop with a plate of cookies. She was overjoyed to meet Chris offering him a freshly baked cookie. “Don’t mind if I do” Santa said grabbing a cookie off the plate. “Could I speak to you dear” Mrs. Claus asked? He agreed “keep up the good work Christopher. I will be back”. After five minutes Chris became suspicious and snuck out of the workshop. He went into the Claus’s house and he overheard whispering. He moved closer to over hear their conversation “so, what is going to happen to Christmas if Kathrine does not come home” Mrs. Claus asked? Chris thought “that’s strange. That is my mother’s name” he whispered to himself. He noticed to the left of him there was a fireplace and on the shelf above it was a frame with his picture. Confused he lost his footing making a sound catching Mr. and Mrs. Claus’s attention. Christopher becomes scared when they walk into the room. He begins to back up slowly “Christopher, you don’t understand” Santa Claus tried to explain. Chris bumps into something and he turns around realizing it is his mother “mom” he shouted hugging her. Mr. and Mrs. Claus could not help their excitement when they saw Kathrine. She kneels down to talk to Chris “sweetheart, listen to me I am so sorry that I kept this from you but I didn’t really remember until now. But this is where I was born. And these are my parents” she said as she turned him around. He was staring at Mr. and Mrs. Claus trying to accept the news but could not believe it. He excused himself “I need to take a walk”. After Chris leaves Kathrine looks at her parents “so can anyone tell me what is going on”?

Mr. and Mrs. Claus are sitting at their dining room table and there is a plate of cookies and cups of milk in the center. Santa grabs a cookie “long story short sweetie. I have no more magic. Without magic I can’t deliver the presents”. Kathrine looks puzzled “and what am I suppose to do. I don’t have any magic”. Before Santa can answer her Christopher walks in the room “sure you do. All you have to do is believe”. She disagreed “I have been gone too long. It’s impossible”. Santa Claus stood up “you’re a Claus. The magic never left”. Hearing them words build up Kathrine’s confidence “go to the workshop and get the elves to pack the sleigh. We have work to do”. Kathrine walks out to the stables where the reign deer were lined up ready to go. “Hey, Rudolph” she said petting him. “I remember helping you to fly”. He rubbed his head on her shoulder lovingly. “Are you ready” Santa asked? Kathrine nodded as he helped her into the sleigh. “Can I ask you”? She looked at him “how come you never came back home? Did you hate me that much”? She sucked her teeth “dad, I don’t hate you. I needed to go off on my own and I don’t know it was like the longer I was gone the more I forgot. I didn’t mean to stay away so long” she sounded remorseful. Santa hugged his daughter and Mrs. Claus walked over with her grandson. Kathrine wiped a tear from her eye “come on kid. It might take a couple of Claus’s to get this sleigh up and running”. Christopher smiles and climbs up onto the sleigh “come on Nutmeg. We could use all the help we can get” Chris said. He hopped into the sleigh and Santa shouted “don’t forget to bring me back some cookies”. Mrs. Claus playfully smacked Santa on his belly “I think you had enough”. The sleigh began to levitate off the ground and Kathrine has a rocky lift off “come on Rudy. Don’t let me down ole’ buddy” and just like that they were gone in an instant.

After a long night of hard work early morning December 26th Christopher, Kathrine, Nutmeg and Mr. and Mrs. Claus were sitting around the dining room table exhausted drinking coffee. “You did an amazing job honey” her mother told her. “I didn’t do it alone” she said cheersing her son and Nutmeg. Christopher’s smile lit up the room “I guess you two will be going now” Santa’s attitude dampened the room. Chris went from smiling to frowning. “Um, actually I was thinking about sticking around for a bit” she answered. Christopher jumped up excited “well, in that case I’m going to the workshop”. “Right now” Kathrine asked? “Of course, the workshop is important. We might have delivered all those presents in one day but believe me they are not made in one day”. Christopher scampered off to the shop. “You know that boys spirit saved Christmas” Santa said as he reached for another cookie but Mrs. Claus slapped his hand and he dropped it. Kathrine grinned as she sipped her coffee happy to be home.
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