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Weird Prompts and Where they take you
A Goofy Little Story
WC 297

Loyalty, courage, anger, hate were all pulled in a wheelbarrow by a rabbit. He was followed by a cat on a motorbike. Flying overhead was a crow with a pencil in its beak.

John read what he had just written on the computer. “Really? How in the world will I ever sell this crazy idea to someone? I have just twenty-four hours, come on brain, think.”

‘What if I change the places?” he thought to himself.

So the cat pulled anger, hate, courage and loyalty in a wheelbarrow. Then came the crow on the motorbike. The rabbit hopped behind them and had the pencil in its mouth.

‘Nope, still stupid. No tension. There has to be some crime, some drama.’

John sat back in his office chair. He looked out the window. He straightened up in the chair and shouted, “Of course! That’s it!” He typed furiously, then sat back and read.

“The star in the East lit the entrance to the cave. A rabbit, cat, and crow sat in the entrance. They had started an adventure some weeks ago. Rabbit pushed the wheelbarrow with the pencil, the coffee and the nuts. Cat used the motorbike. Crow flew overhead.

Their crime had been anger, but loyalty and courage had sent them on the journey. The cat, the rabbit and the crow entered the cave and now discussed their real reason for leaving.

The cat said it was for loyalty. The rabbit said it was for courage. The crow said it was for hate. They argued this for some time. Finally the decision was made that the reason they left was not for the crime. For that would be crazy. For the only crime in their eyes was adventure.

John nodded. Just goofy enough was his thought.

Note to readers: Since this day had no prompt, I used a prompt generator and came up with the following combinations:
Loyalty pencil computer - courage nuts crow - adventure computer wheelbarrow
crime cave cat - anger motorbike coffee - hate star rabbit

Just goofy enough.
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