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Me making my dream realise?
Hitogami is a story project I presumably (at least looking at data files, hand-written stuff was probably bit earlier) started at 2010, so it has been 9 years since then.
I wanted to create story, book or comics, something between that because I got inspiration from Marvel movies, games, manga, anime, books. Later especially from TV show: Agents of Shield, wanted to create something manga-ish with super-heroes, quite adult. At that times there was no My Hero Academia and I had no idea about One-Punch Man (whose well-known manga adaptation with Murata’s art started in 2012).
Of course, through years, story, different elements, characteristics, etc changed a lot. It started as your typical Japanese high-school shounen battle thing, then changed to more adult. Moved from Japan to UK, characters became more diverse and deeper in many aspects.
There are still things I’m trying to figure out. The world and history, power system, some characters but I’m slowly concluding it.
I realised that I’m making this story more complex and bigger then I wanted at first, that I’m digging deeper and deeper. Do I want different worlds and species? Complex languages? Complex power system? What about more power systems? More and more and more.
Something which started as brawl in high school turned into fighting with monsters from different worlds, which are different and complex on its own.
I don’t know how long this will take but I’m enjoying it!!

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