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Somethings are inevitable and ones of those is Death.
A hall of full of people wants to take a last look of mine as if I won't be there tomorrow, yeah hall of full of people,I was famous at my Village,or still I am for 14 more days as far as I can guarantee. Looking at those faces, I can assure one thing which is that they completely believed that I must be having fun after death and as by now, seen the heaven. One thing which let me down ,is no one is crying her heart out. I know, I was 71, will be 71, still my charm is irresistible. Lets focus on me for one time, can you all ! where to start to describe the world which I am in right now, Its looks kind of same or If I say exactly same. One good part of being dead is that you are back to being the boss of your life, I mean death or life, as it is a new life after death, like whatever who cares! so no responsibility of any kind, just one thing don't scare people. I haven't tried myself yet cuz it just been a while here, it is advisory for people who will do it, you may get caught, I have seen we are getting caught by idiotic tantriks ,common guys we can do better. so be responsible here. While I screamed this words out ,I got surrounded by many like me ,not exactly like me, but look descent enough for their age, I mean seriously eyes still working in skeletons are decently fancy looking, isn't it. One of them came ahead ,told me something like Who are You? cuz I am smart man and can read lips. I thought god will come to receive me after death but ... these people ain't bad either, I can see my future in them.
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