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The eternal battle!

“Don’t work too hard,” Misty said to Butch from her perch on the counter. Her tail swished back and forth in a lazy arc. “You might break something.”

Butch jumped and tried in vain to catch Misty’s tail. It was a game they played every day.

Butch finally gave up and laid down on the cool tile. His tongue was hanging out. “Misty, why do you tease me so?”

“I just like to watch you. It’s hopeless, you know. Why do you try?”

“I can’t help it. It’s the thrill of the chase.” Butch sat up and watched the tail, back and forth it went, like a metronome. He thought of rabbits and wished he were outside chasing them instead of inside with this stupid cat. There had to be a way to get Misty off the counter. Then she would see who was really the boss. Dogs were so superior to cats. Then he remembered the magic light. Where was it? Butch wandered the house, ignoring Misty’s call.

“Butch? Where are you, silly dog? Come back to the kitchen.” Misty paused for a moment. “I know where they keep the dog treats!”

‘I’ll never fall for that again. Ah, there it is.’ Butch carried the magic light back to the kitchen. He dropped the magic light to the floor. “Misty! Look at this!” He pushed on it with his paw.

Misty jumped down. She chased the red dot all over the kitchen. Butch continued to push on the magic light and Misty chased the red light for the rest of the time before the owners came back.

The owners immediately put the cat and dog outside when they came home. Butch went to find rabbits and Misty sat on a ledge and meowed “You’re an evil dog, Butch!”
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