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Rated: E · Short Story · Children's · #2208787
The story is about a mouse who is taking away rotten teeth from the kids.
It was a beautiful, spring day and all of Green Grove was in bloom. The birds of the singer cheerfully hummed a variety of tunes, each with its own tone, jumping among the tree canopies; the nearby creek quietly murmured and glistening in the sun. A random passerby traveler got the feeling that he had gone into a lost paradise. Through the Green Grove it meandered here and there a beautiful walking path with benches placed so that a tired walker who had been for years could rest or just sit and daydream and admire the beauties of the farm. The scavengers took care of him throughout the year and tidied his greens. Here, everyone can find peace and shelter in the face of a world that can sometimes be uncomfortable, especially when a school teacher gives a lot of homework. It is not easy to sit between books and notebooks all afternoon and be completely focused. Your thoughts go somewhere else all the time, and you would be doing a lot of interesting things, such as walking around in the yard with your friends. That is why Liam, very fondly wrapped up in Green Grove, because of his tiny post-school class, where he rested his brain from school.

He was a hardworking and diligent first-grader who had good grades himself. Well, here and there he sometimes afforded a bad grade, but later he immediately corrected it and at that time he was proud of himself. We all have a bad day when we don't do our best in a thing. You can sometimes inadvertently forget to lay down your cot in the morning, and your parents are making you cry. However, you go to bed it right away and everything is back to its best. Mommy or Daddy then buys you some chocolate or sweets for a reward, because you were nice and obeyed. Parents should be often obeyed, because they are almost always right. If they tell you in the evening that you are going to brush your teeth, then you do. Right? A toothache can be very painful, and then we have to visit that terrible dentist with a drilling machine who fixes our tooth if it can be repaired, otherwise he drops it and hands it to us to then take it away and in return for the cookie tooth leaves the gift under the pad.

This mouse is named Mouse House, because it takes away the cookie teeth. Sometimes, in one night, he travels almost the entire world to take away all the spent teeth for children around the world. In the morning, however, she falls asleep immediately from the fatigue to regain her strength for the evening, when she will again take away cookie teeth. She has a difficult task that many would not be able to handle. However, mice are very hard-working animals. They have been working diligently for almost their entire life. When the mouse gets older and is no longer able to handle rotten teeth, the mouse retires and another mouse replaces it. A new mouse that will carry the decayed teeth is elected by the supreme mouse commission.

Let's go back to our story again. Our Mouse House had a small, nasty habit. Since she had been diligently collecting teeth for years and years, she never washed her teeth in the morning from fatigue, but went to sleep in her soft cot in no time. This went on from day to day, week to week, month to month, and year to year. What happens if we don't brush our teeth? After a while, our white teeth begin to rot, holes in the teeth are quickly made and worms pop out. And that's when it hurts. So one day, our Mouse House felt a severe pain in the tooth and therefore could no longer bear the cookie teeth. There was crying and moaning all over the world. Children who left their rotting teeth under the pad at night received no gift in the morning. Their tooth or teeth were still there. This went on and on, and there were no Mouse House out of nowhere. The parents were very concerned and upset about this. "Where's the Mouse House?" they wondered. As usual, little Liam wrapped up in Green Grove after his school days. On the way, he met a little boy who was crying out loud, and his mother comforted him: "Don't cry, it will be better, you'll see! This Mouse House will come and take your cookie tooth away, don't worry!" Liam: "This one is good! Mouse House! What a Mouse House! Mouse House doesn’t exist at all! Why do they kibble on little kids like that? This is what our parents invented. In the evening, when we are sound asleep, they took away a rotten tooth from under our pad and put a gift in its place. But in the morning we were all overjoyed with the gift and believed that some mouse named Mouse House had taken away from us. I'm too old for that to believe in such stupid fairy tales."

"What a beautiful sunny day it is today and luckily I have no homework to do," said Liam, sitting down on the bench to enjoy the splendid view of the beauties of the farm. "When I'm older and rich, I'll build a big house and put a grove next to it," he thought to himself. He pulled a large red apple left of his school lunch from his school bag and bit into it sweetly. "Mmmm, how juicy and delicious!" he grunted happily. As he nibbled on the apple, he could see a passenger plane high up in the sky, leaving behind white long lines, further brightening the already beautiful sky. "Maybe I will one day become a pilot and fly to distant places on Earth," he thought, "but I still have plenty of time to think about what I will become in my life," he yelled.

"Ouch, how it hurts, ouch!" "I would say I heard something, but I don't see anyone around here. Ah, maybe it just made me feel good, but when I was so immersed in that plane in the sky. It will be so, but I'm also a little tired of the lessons and exercises we had on our school schedule today. We had to go the whole two big laps. This gym teacher is really a little jerky and how it turns red when he gets angry. Like a red pepper." "Ouch, it hurts, ouch!" resounded the hum of the bushes. "Now I really heard something!" Liam said a little scared. “It hurts, ouch!” continued the rumble of the bushes. Liam turned pale and screamed aloud, "Spirit, ghost, ghost!" He didn't have time to think about all this, but when he was so scared of the unknown, mysterious voice. He ran to his full strength, then suddenly stopped halfway: "Wait, wait, Liam! The spirits, however, don’t exist! I really don't have to be afraid of ghosts. I'll take a closer look and see what it's all about," he bravely walked back to the bench and laughed along the way. When he reached the bench where his school bag was waiting for him, he shouted a little against the bushes: "Is anyone there? Come out, if you are! Don't make a fool of me!" In response, he again received the familiar, choked phrase: "Ouch, it hurts, ouch!"

Again, his knees clenched like a wad on the water. He didn't know what to do, but he had so much courage that he stammered, "Come out, whoever you are and don't scare me! Stop those stupid jokes and show me off! It's not funny at all, scaring little kids like me, if I call my dad to move you, then you'll see the…! He was a heavyweight boxing champion and he will count all the bones you have on your body!" "The rumble from the bushes said to him: "I'll come, ouch, it hurts, but don’t get scared because I'm a mouse!" And look at him from the bushes, a small mouse came up with a bandage across the Mouse House's face, moaning because his tooth hurt. Liam turned pale, for what he saw in front of him was a talking, quite real mouse. "I'm fading, I'm really fading!" Liam said, rolling his eyes. However, the moaning mouse with a bandage was still in front of him. He has never seen or heard of a talking mouse in his life. But now she was suddenly in front of him. He was frightened and thought he found himself in a fairy tale world. Unable to speak, the mouse said, "Hello, I’m Mouse House." Liam still didn't pump anything and just stared at the mouse that had been moaning from a toothache every now and then. "Well, now, little carrot, did your cat bite your tongue? But you told me to get out of the bushes and show you off!"

The kid finally came to his surprise and said: "But... you're a mouse and mice don't talk!" "Yeah boy, where do you live! On the Moon maybe? Of course we mice speak! How would they communicate with each other?" she looked at him in surprise. "Well, this one is really good. Do you also have any name?" "Of course, we all have mice names, just like all humans. I introduced myself to you before, but you couldn't hear it in amazement. I'm a Mouse House." "Mouse House. Aren't you the kind of mouse who takes away kid’s cookie teeth overnight and leaves gifts under the pad? This is not true, the talking mouse is called by its name, and it even takes away rotten teeth. Ha, ha, ha, Liam, you broke up, with all the saints, you really broke down!" he laughed out loud. "You snooker, don't laugh at me, you're too young for me to laugh at my mustache!" You know, I really am a Mouse House, and my profession is to take away rotten teeth from children and give them wonderful gifts. I was elected by the top mouse committee to do this job. What's so funny here?! Otherwise, I do not have time to deal with kids such as you, because I have a very bad tooth! Ouch!" the mouse moaned again and went back to the bushes. "Ouch, it hurts, hurts!" echoed from the bushes.

"Sorry, Mouse House, I didn't want to be so nasty, but for the first time in my life, I see a mouse that can talk and put out his teeth. I always thought this was what our parents invented. I owe you an apology for my rudeness. Come back and let me introduce myself to you," said Liam. Mouse House slowly crawled back out of the bushes like a snail and continued to moan soapily. "I'm Liam. May I ask you what is it, mouse, maybe you are sick because you are crying so much?" "My tooth hurts, and I will die from the pain. I don't know what to do, Liam. For three days, I can't sleep, eat and go to work. I've been squatting here in this bush for three days. Good thing I didn't see a stray cat because I would be definitely eaten for a lunch. Probably all the children around the world are already very unhappy, because they still have the teeth where they were left last. But I am all helpless and I am lonely here in this bush." "If you really have a toothache like you say, then there is only one solution. The dentist!" replied the little boy. "Oh, no, no, no, I'm not going there. The dentist will pull out a tooth, which hurts a lot and then everyone will laugh at me because I will be left without a tooth. Then I can rename myself Mouse Stump. No, no speech! The dentist is out of the question!" she whimpered with fear of the dentist. "C’mon, Mouse House, that's not true, it's not that bad. Dentists are very friendly these days, and they do their job well, without hurting you. I also thought the visit to the dentist was painful and painful, but when he began to repair my rotting tooth, I didn't feel any pain at all. Do you see that tooth that he fixed it for me?" Liam opened his mouth wide and proudly pointed to his recovered tooth. "What is it?" Liam looked at the Mouse House in amazement.

"This is not the case with mouse dentists. When your tooth hurts, your mouse dentist drops it at all costs and then it hurts like hell. This is what my friends who were with the dentist told me and are still toothless today. Peers, however, mock them with the nickname Mouse Stump; I don't want them to make jokes so badly. I really don't deserve this! It's not nice if someone makes jokes from you, Liam!" "This is probably because your dentists are not familiar with their work or that they cannot repair rotten teeth. This is not the case with us humans, I promise. Come with me to take you to our school dental clinic, where our friendly dentist will repair your tooth. You will see that then everything will be fine again and you will not be left without a tooth." "You promise?" Mouse House graciously looked at him. "I promise, I'm a man of my word and I never break my promises," said Liam, kindly, placing a hand on his heart as a sign of his oath," jump into my school backpack to take you to the dental clinic." Mouse House smacked into Liam's backpack and they were already rushing out of Green Grove to the school. Along the way, they met a couple of children who were crying out loud, and their parents tried to calm them down: "Don't cry, as she'll come for your cookie tooth, you'll see. Maybe she's only gone for a few days on vacation and will be back soon. She can endure tonight, but she can barely stand still." The children, however, were unexpected and crying, causing a great deal of worry and gray hair to their parents. "Damn, where did that Mouse House go? Who will listen to such a dork all day long!” their poor parents grumbled grudgingly. "You've caused real confusion all over the world!" said Liam to the Mouse House, whimpering from a toothache in his backpack.

A passing elderly man turned back to Liam and thought, "The kid is completely messed up, talking to himself." "I know, Liam, but until my toothache stops, I won't be able to do my job. I can't help them, and they'll have to endure it, " Mouse House replied. "Poor children! Now, you really wouldn't want to be in their skin when they wait in such a vain for the mouse to get their teeth out," Liam thought to himself. He stepped up and the school was soon on the horizon. At the school door, Liam greeted them warmly with the good day of their janitor repairing the door handle. The janitor greeted only a few words in greeting and said to himself: "I would already give you a good day! Just destroy everything, what will happen to this youth of today? They no longer show respect for anything, and I would show it to them if it were the one in charge!" Liam laughed softly and walked down the dental corridor toward the dental clinic. "Mouse House, get ready, we're almost there!"
"Oh, I'm scared!" she moaned. "What do you say, kid?" stopped a seven-year-old boy next to Liam, who had walked just past him for the afternoon. "Ah, nothing, nothing, I'm just talking to myself," replied Liam. "Another freaking “weirdo”," thought the seven years old, hurrying further down the school hallway. Our heroes, however, arrived at the door of the dental clinic, which said in capital letters:
Liam knocked lightly on the door. "Forward!" a friendly, velvety female voice heard. He walked in slowly, as if afraid to knock something down and greeted politely: "Good afternoon, Mrs. Doctor Smith! You know, I have a very unusual problem that doesn't happen every day. I don't know how to explain it to you." "Just a word a day, boy, I listen. I don't think the problem is so big that it can't be solved, is it?" Mrs. Dr. Smith spoke kindly to her and adjusted her glasses. "Well, if that's the case, then the problem here is in my backpack, and it just goes to waste," Liam said, taking his school backpack off, carefully. The dentist looked at him a little in amazement, but said nothing. The little boy took the zipper of his school backpack, reached into his inside and pulled out a small mouse that had a bandage over his face and gently greeted the Doctor: "Good afternoon!"

Smith jumped from a chair to the desk at the same moment and started shouting aloud so that even opera singers would envy her such heights: "Mouse, mouse, mouse! Help! Help! Mouse! Ooh!" The Mouse House was terrified of her deafening yelling, jumped from Liam's hands to the floor of the dental clinic, and slammed it out the opened window. Thankfully, there was a ground-floor window and nothing was wrong with her. Liam yanked his mouse against the window, but when he looked out, she was gone. She pinned her unknown to where. "Hey, Mrs. Doctor Smith, look what you did. God forbid where the poor little mouse blew it now! Where can I find her now?" Liam replied, half angrily, half-heartedly at the Doctor, who almost fainted when she saw Mouse House. She was all panting and sweaty, but when she came to herself, she said: "Did I just hear that this mouse greeted me with a good day? I’m already scared of mice than anything else in the world, but to speak with a mouse I have never experienced it in my life. Tell me what’s your name boy and that this is not true and that it was merely an eavesdropping or an illusion. That you were just joking out of me like you do, kids!" "My name is Liam and Madam Doctor, and what you saw and heard before was true. It was no flashy joke. It was a Mouse House, taking away the rotten teeth, the one our parents used to tell us when we were very young. Surely you, Mrs. Doctor, when you were little, were leaving your cookie teeth under your pad and when you woke up in the morning, you received a wonderful gift instead of a tooth under it." "Yes, that is true, but these are just fabrications. Such a mouse has never existed, but does not exist. Mouse House was just our parents. I believed in Mouse House when I was very young, but when I grew up I stopped believing in things like Mouse House," Smith replied.

"I thought so myself until I became convinced with my own eyes today at Green Grove. This is a real Mouse House and you will not believe it, it is hurting her tooth for three days now, so I also brought it to your dental office to have it repaired. Namely, all the young children in the world are crying impatiently, because the Mouse House can no longer take away their cookie teeth because of her toothache. They were left with no gifts. But now that you have scared and driven her away with this scream, the problem will continue to escalate. Where should I find her now and convince her to come back to your dental ambulance? She was already distrustful of dentists, but now it's even more so. I can try my luck, but I don't think I'll find it anywhere. If she's not in Green Grove, where I found her, then I'll have to search the whole city, every secret corner, for which I would probably spend three months, even if I searched for her all day. I really found myself in a quagmire, and it was only you, madam doctor." "So is all this true? I'm really sorry, Liam. But in an apology, I'll help you find it if it helps. It would be best if we start looking for that moment!" Mrs. Smith apologized. She locked up a dental clinic and went to search Mouse House with him. They first went to Green Grove, but did not find her there. Then they left for the city, but in vain. She was unable to find, and towards evening they both went home tired. Liam was very depressed. He loved Mouse House, even though he only knew her for a short time. "Don't worry, Liam, we'll find her somehow. Tomorrow after class, come to see me at the clinic so we can continue our search. We can have better luck tomorrow," the dentist pleaded. All night long Liam couldn't close his eyes. He cared for Mouse House and had pity on the children, who waited in vain for the mouse to take away their rotten teeth.

The next day, Liam went to Smith immediately after class and immediately began searching for the missing mouse. Again, they first checked if Mouse House was in the Green Grove, and since they had not found it, they went to the city. But they have had no success. The boy couldn't keep his eyes shut that night, too, so he stared at the stars in the sky and sang a song he composed. Early in the morning, earlier than usual, he went to school and his parents watched him in amazement. "Liam, is there something wrong, and you seem very tired somewhere in the last few days?" they asked him. "Ah, there's nothing wrong, I just couldn't sleep at night. Probably the test we write today in mathematics is to blame," Liam said to them. "Don't be upset about it. You know you're doing well in school," they smirked. "I know, but I don't care. I want to get as good at math as possible today. Bye! And more; I will probably go back to Green Grove after class as usual, where I will study. I probably only get here in the evening, so don't be as worried as these two days," he replied, already blinking through the door. "It's been a long time and often lingering place there in Green Grove. It can be seen that spring is in the air. Well, it's important that he comes home and healthy every night. Otherwise, he is home alone all afternoon because we have been at work all day. At least he's not bored there," Liam's parents comforted. Liam first threw her into the grove that morning.

He still had plenty of time before school began. He sat down on his favorite bench and sang the song he sang that night. When he sang so sadly, suddenly a familiar sound came from the bushes: "Hey, boy! I'm here! Ouch!" "Mouse House, is that really you?" Liam delighted, "where have you been all this time?" Mrs. Smith and I have been looking for you for two days all over the place." "What?" With that skill that was so terrifying when she saw me that it could be heard all the way to the end of the universe and beyond!" was the reluctant Mouse House. "She's not that bad, she's just afraid of mice and she had never seen a mouse that can talk," Liam explained. "Why do you all think we can't talk mice?" she was offended. "Probably because you are mice at night, but then kids sleep soundly and we never hear you," Liam explained to her. "It will hold, you're probably right, Liam. At night, when I take away rotten teeth, they really all sleep sound like blocks. But I won't go to her already, you know! Even though my tooth will hurt for a whole month! I would say that I was more scared than she was of me! I had been hiding in a neglectful hole for two days, and besides being tormented by a toothache, my ears were hearing a lot of awful noise. She could make me deaf! However, because I thought you were already very worried about me, today I went here to Green Grove to wait for you here. And you really came, but I wasn't expecting you until the afternoon after school!" "I was really worried about you and couldn't keep my eyes shut for two nights. I saved the song for you. Listen, I'll just sing it for you!" So Liam sang his new song to her and when he finished, Mouse House was all excited: "Wonderful song! Where do you get that talent from? No, you're going to be a real little Mozart if you keep going on. I totally forgot about your toothache. Ouch, now I am in pain again with that damn tooth!" Mouse House whimpered. "You know what I tell you, Your Highness! Now that Smith knows how things are going, we'll go to her, witness without any objection, please! There is no reason for that wrap to happen again. Otherwise, a toothache will never go away and who knows how long you will endure the pain. She'll repair your tooth today, so you'll be able to give your child’s cookie teeth again tonight! Think about how unhappy the children waiting for you must be! Be brave and quickly slip into my backpack! Let's go!" he commanded her. Mouse House didn’t resist knowing that the boy was right. So she quickly slipped into his school bag, and they were already blowing away at the school.

The school door just opened when they arrived at the school. Doctor Smith was already in her clinic and Liam knocked and walked in. "Good morning, Mrs. Smith! I bring a very good news! I found Mouse House, and it was this morning, when I went to Green Grove. Now don't panic, Mrs. Smith, because I'll put her out of my bag! I hope you don't run the kind of cowards you did last time," said the boy. "Don't worry, Liam, I'm ready!" Smith still said in a shaky voice, but she didn't want to smile the way she did last time. Liam opened the zipper and put it out of his school bag. Mouse House and Mrs. Smith now faced Mouse House face to face. The first was Smith, but still in a shaking voice: "Hello, Mouse House! First of all, I would like to apologize for the inconvenience I caused last time right here in my office." "Apology accepted, and I hope you have overcome your unreasonable fear of mice. We don't really bite," said Mouse House, offering her hand to the Smith in reconciliation. The dentist reached into her hand and the boy glowed with joy. There was a smile of satisfaction on his face, because again, everything was in the most beautiful way. All that needed to be repaired was the mouse's tooth. "Just sit down in that chair, Mouse House, to fix that tooth that keeps you awake," Smith said. "Nothing's gonna hurt, right?" Mouse House looked at her incredulously. "Ah, don't be scared of anything!" Liam and Smith pleaded with one voice.

Mouse House slowly climbed into a chair, and as if to blink, Smith fixed her tooth without making the mouse hurt. The mouse's fear of dentists was, of course, superfluous. These are the people who will get to know their work and do it today without any pain. Today, medicine is advanced, so, if you have a toothache, don't be scared when you have to go to the dentist and don't give too much trouble to your parents. "Well, Mouse House, we're done repairing your tooth. You see, it wasn't that bad. In the future, I would recommend that you regularly wash your teeth. Come to my clinic for a preventive checkup, too," Smith advised. "Yes, it's true! Look at my teeth!" Liam boasted to them, showing his white teeth that were carefully nurtured. "I'll take your advice, Mrs. Doctor Smith," Mouse House thanked her. This also marked the time of renown. "Now I have to say goodbye to you. I'm very sorry, but there is a lot of work to do in the evening; the kids are already quite desperate for me. So I have to hurry! Thanks again for everything, I don't know what it would be like without you," said Mouse House to Liam and Smith. Mouse House, work hard and remember to brush your teeth; visit us again!” Liam and Smith waved at her. "I will, I will, I promise to see you very soon and have a good time by then!" Our Mouse House waved to them and was no longer overlooked. Throughout the night, Mouse House used to take away teeth all over the world, and the children were very pleased in the morning when they received presents under the pad.

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