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A bawdy blues type thing in the style used by Robert Johnson and Bessie Smith.
Shake them titties for me, baby...
Yes, shake 'em for me!!!
Shake them ta tas for me, sugar...
Yeah, shake 'em for me!!
You can squeeze my lemon between your melons...
Girl, I'll buy a bit if your sellin'!!
Shake them pretty titties, baby...
C'mon, shake 'em for me!!!

Shake your bosom buddies, honey...
Oh...shake 'em for me!!!
Shake your lady lumps, sweetie...
Please, shake 'em for me!!!
Look at Gertie with her forty fours...
When she gets older they'll sag to the floor!!!
Shake those pretty pillows, girl...
Yes...shake 'em for me!!!

(Let's break this down, fellas...)
Yum yum yum yum!!!
The motorboat goes BROOOOOMMM!!!
Alright...shake 'em for me!!!

Shake those itty bitties, honey child...
C'mon girl, shake 'em for me!!!
You can make 'em go up and down, round and round...
Areet!!! Shake 'em for me!!!
They come in sizes big and small...
It doesn't matter...I love them all!!!
Love it...shake 'em for me!!!
(Hear what I'm sayin'...)
Honey...shake them for me...
(Don't leave me hangin'...)
Let's get it on, intramammary!!!
(Good evening friends!!!)
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