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Life is a puzzle -- we try to solve; we just hum along, & sometimes we stop for ice cream.
The Melody

keeps running
through my head,
but the words -- I can't
find the words.They seem
as if they might be so important,
that if only I could sing them out, all
of this insanity called life would make
sense to me. Where and when have I
even heard this song -- this steady beat;
this fetching melody? It could have been
today on the radio, or long ago -- a song my
mom sang softly as she rocked me to sleep. It
seems that important. Some link to the past,
some map to the future, some answer to now.

So many answers hidden in lyrics I can't
recall. If only I could remember the
words, they would tell me what to
do, show me the right path. At
least I have the melody, some
base on which to build. I must
go on, determined the words
will come to me, that some-
how, someday, all of this
will make sense to me.
So I meander about
hopefully, seeking
those mysterious
words, knowing
before the end
they'll come
to me, and
my song
will be
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