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by Dave
Rated: 13+ · Poetry · Crime/Gangster · #2208898
a little parody of a favorite Christmas song
DDPC Round 35 Prompt 1 Dec 2019

You know Lucky Luciano, and Don Corleone,
and Scarface Al Capone, and Dapper Don John Gotti,
and Bugsy Malone, but do you recall
the most vicious gangster of all?

Frosty, the hard-nosed hit man
had a very icy heart,
and if you ever crossed him,
he would rip your limbs apart.

All of the other mobsters
used to call and give him names.
They wanted ruthless Frosty
to squelch all their rivals' aims.

Then, one foggy Christmas eve,
SWAT team came to call:
"Frosty, we've got you dead to rights,
so give yourself up or you will fall."

Suddenly, all hell broke loose
as they fired when he tried to flee.
Frosty, the hard-nosed hit man,
went down in infamy.

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