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Does Hello Kitty made you look childish?
Does Hello Kitty made you look childish?

Hello Kitty is a cat cartoon that many kids love. We all adore them once in our life. Growing up made we stumble upon "we are too mature for cartoons" concept. Nonetheless, what we do not realize is that cartoons do not play a part in our maturity. Maturity lives and improving within oneself. Get into a fight with your colleague every day does not show maturity even if you are a working adult. So, why does this one particular cat cease you from being a mature adult?

It is normal for an adult still has the love for their childhood stuff. We all think when we grow older the child that we once were disappeared. NO. That child were us and always be with us. They never disappeared, but instead they are having a long vacation inside of us as they know their duty is not much needed anymore. That is why we often get the feeling of nostalgia every time we recall our childhood memories. That child play a big part in us, in keeping our sincerity and clarity while our adult self is facing hardships and challenges.

Therefore, I hereby stand with by defense; I do not think I am childish for still obsessing over Hello Kitty regardless how old I am. I am being who I am.

Why can’t we keep our last bit of innocence that can make us a better person, rather than filled ourselves with anger and dissatisfaction in life?

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