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Bang! Boom!

Noise Pollution

WC 219

I jumped out of my skin. A huge explosion overhead had woken me up from a dead sleep.

‘They’re at it again,’ I groaned. I put the pillow over my head. Again a loud bang, then more huge explosions; this time the house shuddered as the dog whined and crawled under the bed.

“Where are they?” I jumped out of bed and tore apart my dresser. I knew I had stashed them somewhere. “Aha!” The box of earplugs was in my underwear drawer. So I pulled out two and pushed them into my ears and went back to bed, where now the dog was hiding under the covers.

More bangs, smaller and closer together, and then another loud explosion. “I swear! Will it never end?” I yelled at the dog and the noise.

Finally at about 2 AM, I got to sleep. I had a balled up blanket over my head. The dog was under the pillow, having claimed that quiet area around 1 AM.

Dog and I woke, around 10 AM, to a ringing sound in the silent house, - the phone. I picked it up and heard “Happy New Year!”. My mother with her annual call to say “Did you get to see the fireworks last night? They were really something! The ones right around 12:30 were the best.”
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