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Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Fantasy · #2209044
My take on a scene in Lord of The Rings: Return of the King
Frodo’s POV
I wandered around the strange, webbed forest.p, tripping over rocks or roots. I stumbled, then and looked up to a greasy clearing. There was some webbing, but not much. I ran towards it and stopped in the middle. I opened my mouth to sigh in relief when something landed behind me. I slowly turned and saw a giant spider. It was black with dark green here and there. It had twelve eyes, all that reflected my face. It’s six mandibles were pointed, but blunt, clicking together in anticipation. It’s ten legs were twice my height. I opened my mouth to scream, but the spider pushed me down. I hit my head, which knocked the wind out of me momentarily. Before I could get up, the spider grabbed me in its two front legs. I saw silk coming out of its backside, but before I could do anything, I was spinning. I could feel the silk attach to my leg and I felt another of the spider’s legs pressing it against me. The leg then moved up and down as I spun, ensuring the silk stayed. My cries were muffled and my vision clouded with white as the spider wrapped me up. Dizzy and winded, I fell into darkness. The last I remember is my brother calling my name.

Spider’s POV
Satisfied with the many layers of silk, I turned to leave with my prey when someone cried out. There was another little man. He carried a backpack, which he unsteadily tossed aside. He stumbled, and at that moment I dropped my cocoon and lunged, easily pinning him to the grass floor. He struggled and begged me to get off, and I did, but only for a second. Before he could move, I grabbed him with my two front legs and pinned his arms with the next two. I spun more silk and used a fifth leg to pin it to his chest. Using the four legs, I spun him, wrapping him up nice and tight. My, what a catch I had made. Once again satisfied with the silk layers, I ceased the flow. Picking up the other cocoon, I headed towards my web with my prey.

Frodo’s POV
I struggled, but it was no use; the webbing was too thick and strong. I felt something pick me up and then place me down. Something vibrated under me, but I, of course, couldn’t see what. There was a ripping sound above me and I cringed as best I could. This was it for me. I end up as spider food. The sound continued and I closed my eyes as I waited for inevitable death. I opened my eyes to see the spider’s mandibles slurping up a piece of silk. When it was done, it looked down at me with all twelve eyes fixed on me. It brought its face closer, so close that I could see its pupils. Without thinking, I said, “Hi?” I wanted to slap myself for being so stupid. The spider cocked its head to the side in a curious manner. It raised a leg and extended a claw from it. It expertly cut the front of my prison open, then used two legs to lift me out. It set me down on a strand of what I realized to be its web. I was sitting right above my prison. Reaching out, I grabbed a big chunk and ripped it off. The spider walked over, towering above me. I held out the chunk and it took it into its mandibles so fast I thought my hand was bitten off! Once it was finished, it looked at me like it wanted more. I grabbed a strand and pulled, causing the cocoon to unwind the more I pulled. I offered the end to the spider and it took it into its mouth, slurping it up while making an extremely loud chittering sound. Soon, the cocoon was gone. The spider wiped its face with two legs, then looked at me expectantly. I shrugged and the spider walked over to another cocoon. My stomach dropped as it ripped the cocoon open and lifted my brother out. It raised his body over its head and slowly lowered it into its mouth headfirst, its mandibles spread horizontally parallel to each other. My brother seemed to have woken up as his legs started kicking and his arms were flailing. The spider was unfazed by this and continued to swallow him. Soon, it was up to his stomach. His arms had disappeared down the spider’s gullet, but the prominent bulge in the spider’s neck showed he was still fighting. Now it was just his legs sticking out and that’s when I saw something really strange. A long, slimy tongue that had to be at least three feet long curled around one of my brother’s legs, before retracting back into the spider’s mouth. I watched as my brother fell into the monster’s belly. His struggles brave but futile. The spider used its middle pair of legs to rub its now swollen gut. It made that chittering sound again before walking back over to me. The sound was so loud, I would have covered my ears had my hands not been stuck in the web. It got close to my face and once more made that sound. It then crawled upwards so that it’s moving belly was right above me. I tried not to cry as I remembered that my brother was in there, about to die. Suddenly, the spider dropped and its belly smashed into my face. I could hardly breathe and my brother’s struggles were more prominent.
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