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Holy Chicken Nuggets, I have a lot of characters from the Five Nights franchise.
Game 1: Olivia. A chicken with a whole heck of a lot o’ attitude. She claims to be Chica’s sister but many don’t see that as she’s almost the complete opposite of Chica. She hates pizza of any kind, hates cooking, is rude to kids (most of the time) and just doesn’t like many people. Also, she’s a duck but thinks she’s a chicken.

Game 2: Taylor. A close friend of the puppet/marionette, who considers Taylor as her daughter. She has a love for her stuffed animal collection and often visits her “sister” Willa and the Withered animatronics in the back.

Willa. A broken bear with a “blind eye.” She is easily startled but will stick up for her friends. Compassionate towards her friends, especially W. Bonnie, she is a skilled mechanic and tries to help when possible. A bear.

Game 3: Phalla. A bunny with a broken past, she tries to ignore her step-father’s legacy. Many think she will be the same way, but she strives to prove them wrong. Strong and stubborn, she will defend herself no matter what. A mix between Coodere and Kuudere.

Shawla: a legitimate scaredy-cat, Shawla is broken in three ways; mentally, psychologically, and emotionally. She hardly trusts anyone or thing, and hates leaving the burned remains of her old home.

Game 4: Nia. A pirate fox-wolf hybrid with respect. She doesn’t enjoy Nightmare Foxy’s company, but rather Nightmare Balloon Boy and Nightmarionne’s instead.

Sister Location: Fiona and Lola’s. Two fox twins who know how to put on a show. Lola is still warming up, but Fiona is a great encourager. They perform for the mechanics before they are hung because they don’t get to perform as often as they would like to.

The Twisted Ones: Tia. A broken creation who overrode her commands and fled. A broken girl, she is shattered in three ways; Emotionally, Mentally, and Psychologically. She tries to make friends, but her split personality and short temper make it a challenge. In her human form, she has bat-like wings and a demon tail tipped with a heart.

Pizza Sim: Sally and Regina. Sally was a scrapped and unused model of Circus Baby. Now she looks worse than Scrap Baby and longs for revenge. Regina, like Willa, has a dead eye. She loves Ned-Bear and the Mediocre Melodies, but couldn’t care less for the Rockstars. Well, except for one...

Joy of Creation: Izzy. A blue bunny whose entirety was burned, she carries many scars from the past. Blood and soot stain her face and her teeth melted into fangs. She is wise and confident, hearing problems out before coming up with a solution.
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