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From “Giantess in the Woods” by The Random
Tom’s POV

I couldn’t see anything, but I did hear another set of footsteps. April suddenly spit me out and made it look like she was hugging me. I looked up to the newcomer. April was 7ft, but this girl was less than 4ft! Then he noticed the girl’s companion. It had striped fur Andy four black eyes that reflected red. Four paws with four claws on each paw. A long rat-like tail with a split at the end. A mane of spikes ran down its back and it’s mouth was wide and full of inward curved fangs. Its mouth had a grin that rivaled the Cheshire cat’s grin. That’s Tom realized it was 3ft tall, which made it just slightly shorter than its owner! The girl wore a black shirt with long sleeves and grey cuff sleeves, as well as black pants and a black skirt with a brown belt. Grey boots with black on the bottom. Her eyes and hair were black, and her hair had a silver stripe. Her eyes glanced at April with no emotion. “What do you have in your hand?” Her voice, although stringent, held a curious tone. April looked at her with an angry expression and snapped, “Nothing you need to know.
However, her confidence was short lived as the girl glared at her in silence. (Remember, April is sitting on the ground, so the girl is taller in the current scenario.) The girl spoke again, irritation lacing her voice. “I’ll ask again, what is in your hand?” April looked down at me, then back at the girl “It’s a human, happy now?” The girl did not look satisfied, but said nothing. I noticed her companion sniffing the air, and before April or I could do anything, it launched itself forward and grabbed me in its mouth, then turned around and went back to the girl. I slid out of its mouth into the hand of the girl, who raised me to eye level. Her black eyes studied him before looking at April. “I can tell you were about to eat him.” April looked angry and guilty at the same time. “So what? He's mine, so I can do what I want. Now give him back.” The girl had a smile tugging at the edge of her mouth. “After what I just saw, I don’t think so.” April sprang to her feet, now towering over the girl. “Do you want me to know you out?” She shouted, causing Tom to recoil and cover his ears. The girl was unfazed and simply stated, “I’d like to see you try.” With that, she set onto her companion’s head, then turned on her heel and walked off. She barely went 500 feet when April grabbed the back of her shirt collar. The girl didn't miss a beat, spun around, and hooked her right in the cheek. April fell to the ground, and the girl sent her companion off. “Try me, April.” She spat, then turned and ran off.
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