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Insight on the new girl
Cyra grew up on the streets of Canto Bight. She was looked down on many many as she was poor. However, she was smart. She tinkered with the rich snobs’ cars and got into a lot of fights. She has caught the First Order’s attention multiple times. The first time, she was 12 years old. The squadron that was sent to collect information of her found her sitting outside a bar, tinkering with a gun she had stolen from a police officer. The squadron started towards her, but stopped when a trio of (possibly) drunk derps came out the door and surrounded her. One of them grabbed the gun out her hand. She started to stand up, but another jerk pushed her down into the street. At that, she retrieved her gun from the first dude and held the trigger down. At the mouth, a ball of energy gathered, electricity crackled and an electric blue glow illuminated the four of them. The trio laughed, commenting on how she didn’t know how to use a gun. That’s when she released the trigger, causing the energy to disperse in bolts of electricity, which hit the trio multiple times. They fell to the ground, unconscious. The 9 troopers were taken aback, but proceeded with their task. As they approached, Cyra held the gun against her chest. The troopers explained that they needed her to come with them. Cyra wasn’t having it and raised her gun, but then Captain Phasma approached her, towering over Cyra, literally. (Phasma is 6ft 6in, Cyra is currently 3ft)
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