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Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Crime/Gangster · #2209112
Screams entry
"There's someone out there," Jolene whispered, looking towards the fire escape. It was no more than a fleeting shadow but Jay knew what it meant.

"They've found us." Jay didn't have to say any more. Jolene was already grabbing what she could and cramming it into her backpack. "Keep away from the windows."

The sound of running footsteps was coming from the hallway. "They're here." Jolene whispered, backing away from the door. Jay slithered toward the fire escape window and peeked over the sill.

"Can't see anyone out there." As he spoke an axe blade splintered the door. "Come on, we gotta chance it." Jay almost threw himself out of the window then turned to help Jolene. She was almost out when Jay heard a noise from above. He looked up to see a man mountain coming down from the roof. As the hulk moved rung by rung down the ladder Jay grabbed at his ankles. Somehow Jay managed to dislodge the man enough to make him fall. He landing with the railing in the middle of his back, and lost consciousness immediately.

Jolene screamed. She was out of the window but someone had a hold on her arm. She twisted and turned trying to free herself as a leg followed the arm out of the window. Jay chopped at the tattooed wrist but could not loosen the man's hold on Jolene. As a shaven head followed the arm and hand out of the window Jay took his shot. The plant pot cracked over the hairless scalp. The grip loosened and Jolene was free.

Jay pushed her ahead of him as the shaven head reappeared followed by the rest of the hoodlum. A second plant pot made contact with the guys shoulder. He shrugged it off. Jolene had managed to get to the next landing and looked up now to see Jay wrestling with the guy. Jay kicked at ankles, punched at chest, then finally kneed the guy in the balls. As tattoo man doubled over, Jay bounded down to join Jolene.

A bullet made contact with metal inches from the pair. They pressed themselves against the wall. Looking up, tattoo was moving again and axe man had joined him.
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