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by Kaz
Rated: E · Draft · Fantasy · #2209121
prologue taster... updated 5/1/20
Gasping for breath, the perspiration on her face and neck shimmered in the rising moonlight as she struggled to climb the uneven mound of earth before her. She paused and wiped her brow with the back of her hand while clutching the rune in the other one.

The night summoned and she knew time was running short. In one last desperate lunge forward she could see the ruins. She had arrived. Her pace slowed as she entered and looked around. The impending darkness birthed a chilly mist which began to cling to the slabs of stone around her much like moss does to a tree trunk. She quickly released her tightened grip and looked down at the rune. It illuminated her hand as small as it was, and she queried how to use it. The rune was square-shaped and felt cold to the touch, even though she had been grasping it tightly, this had not affected its temperature. She clenched it back into her fist and assessed her situation.
Frantically she searched the ruins looking for clues, hieroglyphs, anything that may reveal where the rune should be placed. A fevered desperation took hold of her as she examined between the stones before the darkness could set in and consume her. Each twist and turn between the ruin stones revealed nothing and a panic grabbed hold of her. Her throat constricted and her breath grew short until she stopped suddenly, released her tightened grip and opened her hand.

The rune illuminated brightly than it had before. Forcing her to shade her eyes from its searing brightness. Something was happening. The earth beneath her feet rumbled and shifted slightly, causing her to stable herself against its will. The ruins lit up like it was Christmas. They resonated with the slightest humming sound and the earth trembled again forcing her to retreat backwards slightly to avoid a fall.
The ground was shifting. Large clumps of earth and grass parted away from each other revealing a rather substantial hole. The ground thundered opened and spew out from its depths, an odious stench as it fell away to reveal a descending stairway. She had arrived at her destination. Her unwavering journey and determination had brought her here to this point. Her adventure was about to begin.

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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2209121