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The biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place. - G. B. Shaw

         Looking at me what mask do you see,
         the one that I think that I show?
         Or the mask behind the mask
         of the me that you think you know?

         What if we peer deep into the mirror
         and seek out the secrets inside?
         Dare we to ask that flat glass mask
         of the demons it deigns to hide?

         Deeds that I do to benefit you
         are really more centered on me.
         But I close my eyes and rationalize,
         what I want is just what you need.

         The stories I tell will always end well
         since I’m always cast in the right.
         It’s me for the win with personal spin
         to show that I’m clever and bright.

         I make myself clear and you seem to hear
         but your eyes are looking ahead.
         Your focus is on the way you’ll respond,
         you don’t really care what I’ve said.

         My boasting turns pale compared to your tale.
         (so true and you thought it up fast!)
         It’s told so I’ll see you're better than me,
         the first liar finishes last.

         Our actions, I've heard, speak louder than words
         and the two never quite seem to track.
         There's shadowy guile behind our bright smiles,
         and our fingers are crossed in the back.

         Can we ever find what’s lurking behind
         the mask that masks our mask?
         Our motives and means are largely unseen,
         and we’re unwilling to ask.

          Terrence G. Fisher, 2020
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