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year plans letter to self for Writing.com contest to write a letter to yourself re plans

Dear Me,

750 words)

2020 will be an eventful year both for me and for the nation and world. This year, the year of the rat,
is the year I turn 65 and become medicare eligible.

right}{/right}Creative Plans

First, I plan to finally get off my butt, edit my novels and publish at least one of the five this year. The novels as you
know are SF novels, starting with Giant Nazi Spiders, The Great Divorce, Jurassic Cruise, Ft. Ashland and Timeless
Love. Probably will concentrate on Timeless Love which i also want to turn into a movie script.

Second in April I will begin podcasting and Tubing initially taking some of my blog posts and turning them into
podcasts and U Tubes. I will also start a weekly Instagram and Pinterest update, would be nice if Word Press.
Word press automatically links my blog entries. Linkinlin, Tumblr, Twitter and FB pages. I will look into this adding
other sites to the word press automatic updates.

I will do in connection with the April Poetry competition which i will do in the AprilWrMo site, and cc to All poetry,
poetry soup, writing.com, hello poetry, poetry circle, poetry nook, cosmos funnel, commaful, writers digest (use
their prompts) and poetry magnum opus. Each day I will write the poem of the day about 6 am record it and
launch it including the podcast and YouTube.

Then in May to June will follow up with a weekly podcast/U Tube, poetry site posting routine and updating my blog
every other day.

I have a lot more to say and will continue to learn how to blog. My goal is to grow my blog to over 10,000 hits
and 2,000 followers by the end of the year. I will link everything to the blog site which will be home page for the world according to cosmos brand I want to set up.

I will also self publish my novels perhaps setting up my own publishing company called The World According
to Cosmos publishers and offer to publish other people as well. I will also add ads to all my platforms and figure
out how self publish some chapbooks and sell them on my site.

I also plan on finally buying my piano and resuming writing music which I will post on my various sites and play during
my podcasts and You Tube video sessions.

lots of travel plans

I have lots of travel plans as well

traveling to Thailand, Cambodia and Laos now.

then traveling to DC in late February/March and perhaps June.

In October will go to Europe and finally see Paris, Rome, Budapest and do the Mediterranean cruise for two weeks to celebrate my 65th birthday.

Will apply for a on line MFA program might start in the Fall. Will start by taking some training courses including the
DYI MFA program this spring time and a few other training programs. Goal is to take one on line class per month and per serious about it.

I will spend the summer in Oregon, and Northern California with a visit to Lake Tahoe perhaps.

While in Oregon will finally get my state plans done including setting up a scholarship program for my
nieces/nephews, grand nieces etc to use starting in a few years.

Hope I can structure this so it survives my eventual passing so future Aller and Lee’s can use it.

Hope to end the year much richer than I began the year as my investments continue to take off. But I want to donate money this year. Can’t take it with me.

Regarding health, I will have to do hammer toes surgery and gall stone surgery. Probably do that in the Spring
so I can recover enough so I can do my ambitious travel plans this summer and fall.

Politically, I will support whoever the Democrat nominate and work to defeat Donald Trump. Might donate money
and time to volunteer. Will probably be overseas for the election though.

The most important thing though is to continue to cherish and love the love of my life who has been with me for
almost 40 years now - and 46 years since I first dreamt of meeting her.😍I will continue to write poems about our
dream love affair and post them throughout the year and put them all together in a valentine’s day love posting.


John (Jake) Cosmos Aller

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