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While exploring an old boat,a young woman and her girlfriend gets stuck in a tight spot.
Twenty-six year old Mary Williams was out driving with her girlfriend Maddie when she noticed a old abandoned boat and went over to snoop around.

The young woman was 5'9,148 pounds, had short blond hair and brown eyes,her large breasts and thin stomach were covered by a dark blue jumper with a black leather jacket over the top of it and her curvaceous hips and bubble butt were covered by a short pink skirt with black tights.

Mary decided to explore the boat,climbed on to it and noticed a rather small porthole and realised that it was the perfect way to get inside.
Maddie,who had brown hair and was slightly less curvy looked at the porthole then her girlfriend and said, "Mary,I love you but there's absolutely no chance,you'll fit through there,you've going to get stuck."

" That's ridiculous,of course,I won't get stuck," said the confident young blond,who actually had her own doubts about whether she would fit but wanted to prove her girlfriend wrong.
Mary stuck her head through the porthole and after a brief struggle,her entire top half was soon through,leaving only her hips,behind and legs sticking as Maddie struggled not to laugh.

The young woman then placed her hands against the porthole and tried to pull her lower half inside but despite several minutes of pulling and wiggling,it just refused to budge although she did find a blue rose growing out a hole in the floor and grabbed it and put in her hair.
Mary then admitted to her girlfriend, "fine,you win,I'm too curvy,I'm coming out now," as she then tried to back out of the porthole but was shocked to discover that she couldn't.

"This might be an issue," the young blond said to herself as she placed her hands against the porthole and pushed and pushed with all her might but still it refused to release it's grip on her.
A now slightly annoyed Maddie said, "Mary,stop joking around and come out of there."
Mary then tried to push and wiggle herself free again,even putting her left foot against the wall outside for more leverage but still she just refused to budge and was completely stuck.

"Oh,it's no use," said the young woman as she admitted to her girlfriend, "Maddie,I think I'm stuck,could you please give me a hand?"
The young brunette placed her right hand over her face in disbelief at her girlfriend's situation and said, "this could only happen to you but of course,I'll help you," as she then grabbed onto her hips and pulled and pulled with all her might.

Mary pushed and the two pulled and pushed with all their strength for several minutes without success.
"Maybe I should try a different approach," said Maddie as she then grabbed onto her girlfriend's legs and pulled and pulled with all her might for several minutes without success until she lost her grip and tumbled onto the floor.

The young blond then suggested, "Maybe if you come inside and pull me."

Maddie thought that was a great idea and noticed a door,grabbed the handle and pulled and pulled with all her might but it just refused to open.

The young brunette then noticed another porthole next to her girlfriend and after a brief struggle,her entire top half was soon through it but like Mary,she unable to pull her lower half through.

Maddie then tried to back out of the porthole but couldn't and like her girlfriend,pushing and wiggling failed to budge her.

Mary looked at her girlfriend and said, "Maddie,please don't tell me that you're stuck."

Maddie replied, "yep,I am,I guess you're not the only one who's too curvy to fit through one of theses."

Both women then realised that their phones were in their bags which both by their feet and realised that they went going anywhere anytime soon.

While wondering you to do next,Mary heard a bird tweeting behind her and said, "oh,you're no help to us," as it then grabbed onto the seat of her skirt and began pulling.

"Hey,stop pulling at my skirt like that,I literally just bought it," said the young blond as she wiggled her rear end but still the bird continued to pull until a RIP sound was heard.
Mary's face turned beet red with embarrassment as she realised that the bird had pulled off the seat of her skirt and the back of her tights,exposing her bubble butt which was barely covered by a red thong as the bird then flew away again.

"I guess this mess all comes from eating too much," joked Mary.
"Actually,it all comes from not having portholes big enough for curvy women like us," replied Maddie as the two began laughing at the ridiculousness of their current predicament.

The boat's owner Michelle was walking passed when she noticed the two women's behinds sticking of the portholes and began laughing as she walked over to them.

The young woman opened the door with her key and asked the couple, "excuse me,would like some help?"

Both women replied yes and apologised for getting stuck to Michelle after she explained that she owned her boat,who laughed and said, "it's fine,I can't count the number of times I forgot my keys and got stuck in one of those portholes.

Michelle then grabbed onto Mary's arms and pulled and pulled with all her might until the young blond finally came free and the two were sent flying backwards into a heap on the floor.

The two then began laughing as Michelle grabbed onto Maddie's arms and pulled and pulled with all her strength while Mary pushed the girlfriend's behind as the epic tug of war continued until a POP sound was heard.

Maddie came flying out the porthole and landed on top of Michelle before apologising then thanking her as she helped her back to her feet.

Michelle then noticed the hole in Mary's skirt and tights and joked," nice thong," as the embarrassed young woman quickly used her black leather jacket to cover up the hole.

MIchelle then showed the two around the boat before Mary and Maddie drove off again but promised to meet Michelle for lunch,who thought about climbing one of the portholes herself but after placing left her hand on her curvaceous behind,decided against it.

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