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Don't you see it?
All Cracked Up
WC 300

“It is there. I see it. You can’t tell me it is not there. It goes from the top of the window to the floor. Big as anything. See it? What? You can’t? You need your eyes examined. The wall is now ruined. You can spot it from the door. Way across the room you can spot it. What? You still can’t see it? What is wrong with you! I can see it just fine.” John paced back and forth in the room and pointed out the crack to George.

George stood in the doorway. He tried in vain to find the crack. He wanted to so badly.

“Sorry, John. I just don’t see it.”

“What? I can see it just fine! Can’t you? Maybe it’s the light - let me turn on the light.” John flipped the switch and the room was flooded with 100 watts of light. “There, now you can see it, right?” John stood by the wall, waited for George’s answer.

Still no crack. George was beginning to think John was cracking up, losing his grip on reality. He walked into the room, closer to John. Suddenly the floor began to shake, walls began to shake, the window rattled, the light fixture swung back and forth. George and John fell to the floor.

A few moments later when the shaking stopped, George and John stood up. A wide crack now was evident, from the top of the window frame to the floor. Window glass was on the floor, the light fixture was on the floor, wall plaster was on the floor.

John stood in the crack. “Can you see it, George?”

George stood beside John and in the crack as well. “Yes, John. I see what you mean. A definite crack in the wall.”

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