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It's important...
Dear Me;

Well, we didn’t get a chance to do the Nano challenge this year, but I understand. By the time November rolled around, we both knew what was up. You’d been stabbed in the back from both above and below. How do I know? The minute you left your office for the last time, someone came in to erase the “Et tu, Brute?” written on your whiteboard. Of course, the fools also erased all the information you left them to make sure they could finish the grants we started.

Before we move on to the despair of the new year, let me remind you of something. Yes, you started looking in October for a new job, but not really in earnest. Then, you get November and December that are horrible times to look for a new job. Let’s wait and see what closes in January, shall we? I know about your concerns, especially your age, but it is not over. Wrap your head around it and get your ass to work. There are things that need to be accomplished!

First, keep writing. Does it really keep us sane? You say that, and if it’s true, keep at it. This is no time to put your head down and lose it. That’s the way a coward checks out. When were we ever that? Buck up, buckle down, and get after it. Now is not the time for despair, it’s the enemy of what needs to be done. Just because you have to apply for five jobs a week, why not double it? They are out there! Then, when you feel better, write. Not because it’s going to make you money, just because it feels so damn good. Review, too… it makes others feel good.

Remember, you have friends who are looking all over for employment for you, and you have a family who loves you very much. Yes, it sucks not to be the big breadwinner as you have been for decades, but they know it and appreciate it. Even if sometimes you can’t see it. By the way, how does it feel no longer having the weight of all the issues of the city and problems with their projects on your shoulders? It damn near evens out, doesn't it?


P.S. Trying to save 10 cents on a razor by not shaving isn’t helping. You never could grow a full beard, and you still can’t. It looks like you pasted the hair off a goats ass on your face. Shave!
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