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Time that has come to a new year.
Oh! you're here, with the"new year" banner in hand
Question is, for how long, here you're going to stand !
You ran five decades, right before my eyes
One year adding more, if I don't want to lie.

Your race begun with the time the earth is made
All the things you melt down and all that now in your head.
I wonder what you are ? can't you rest in peace?
Don't you have an occasion or holiday, don't you want a release!
Actually, who you are? A friend or an enemy?
Here I'm writing, you read it better, the list of your felony !

Remember? once I was a little boy, you can't deny the truth!;
You took away all the days and every joy of my youth.
You took the things away, with what I was happy
I see you always dictate, it ain't a bigotry?

You were always bad for me, you made me cry ;
I gave you seven oceans, all the tear drops of my eyes.
What you did, all my life, why? just tell me why?
Why that enmity you created? Only to make me cry?

Now I've a question in mind, about whom I loved the most
Tell me, where she stays now, I wanna know it at any cost.
You just keeping hiding her, somewhere in this earth
Tell me she is in which city? Washington, Seoul or Perth?

You know my eyes in search, all the earth, in every corner
Why I'm being punished for? I delayed to tell I love her?
O.k,it's my mistake, I confess, won't talk about this anymore
I will give you few more tears, but keep her safe and secure.

I have still, a lot more things to ask, to listen from you.
Why you took away my little sister, who just born new?
You knew I love babies, but you kept my lap empty,
My life almost eaten up, you see? how much you greedy!

You took them all, time, in a circle I grew up
Now that I see you are, 'life' in name, but a bluff !
O.k, whatever you are and whatever you're gonna say,
I don't have much, the price you ask, I can't afford you to pay.

I want you to make a pledge, only at least for me
I shouldn't have asked you this if I had such key.
Running and running all the time, never want to rest,
Hope you will stop for a while, I think, it will be the best!

Would you please stop running, when my time be on end?
I'll say the world ,"Goodbye!", that's all, ...my friend!
Start then your new journey, restless in your way,
Please dear, make a pledge, say, something say!


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