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Rated: E · Short Story · Experience · #2209236
Sacrifices are always needed to move foward
Within the inky darkness I hesitated to travel further.
The thin hall floor was all I could see in front of me, one wrong step and I’d be stuck here, just like her.
I nearly held my breath, my heart felt like it would burst out of my chest at any minute now, the buzzing in my head wouldn’t cease.
I felt like I would pass out any moment, the adrenaline rushing through my veins made me dizzy at this point, only my thoughts kept me company, keeping me moving.

I could only think what a day in here would do to anyone, I left someone here for years, without a thought to it, I guess I came here in order to redeem myself, an act that even now was so odd, so out of character, I question if I should really do this.
This hall was so long, it felt like it was going on forever, it only took a few minutes, but even that alone was agonizing, unbearable to endure.
Just as I felt the hall could go on no longer I saw a light, shining down on sliver chains, the chains came from a hole in the floor, which was now shaped like a circle.
There on the other end of the chains, she laid, motionless, lifeless for all to see.


I shout allowing her to know, she finally wasn’t alone, as I rushed to her side her gaze never left the floor.
Her white hair now reached the floor, her skin pale from years of not seeing the light, her frail frame looked to be in terrible condition, at least I was here now to help her.
“Mizu, I’m here, I finally came here.
Aren’t you glad?”
She scoffed harshly and turned away.
“Why would I be happy?”
Her voice held rage and impatience, I guess that should’ve been expected of her, this was her tenth year here, it just took so long to find this place, I had no clue she was here.
“Because I’m here to release you, I finally found you.”

I began messing with the cuffs, only one was attached to her, one on her left arm, slowly but surely I removed it.
“I won’t cheer for the one who brought me here.”
I paused at her muttering, I almost snapped at her accusation.
“Mizu, I am not at fault for this, I was tricked just like you were I thought doing what I did would help us.”
“More like help you...”


The chain clicked as it fell to the ground, as my anger began to rise, though with a few calm breaths I stood up and was able to help her.
“There’s nothing I would do if I thought it wouldn’t benefit the both of us, you should know this.”
She slapped my hand away, and stood up, her icy blue hues glared at me with intense rage and pain.
“What about Shino, was killing him best for the both of us?
What about keeping me from my family, and forcing me to do things I should’ve never done...

You only think about yourself, and what’s best for you, and never once have you thought about me, you tried killing me for leaving.
I don’t want this any longer, I want to escape you, and I know how to do so.”
She took a step back, I almost did the same in shock, but I knew there was nowhere to go, but even after seeing my smirk her confidence didn’t die.
“The only other place to go is down, your too much of a coward to jump.”
She smiled, the one things I could never get her to do.
“That’s were you’re wrong Luck... my name is Mizu, and I relinquish the curse of the reviver to my successor.”

With those words she leaned backwards, and fell into the darkness, a green light escaped above, to a place I couldn’t go, once again I was left alone.
I fell to my knees from the shock, what was I going to do now?
My thoughts refused to function as I stared to the last place Mizu was, then an idea sparked, one I couldn’t let go.

My own blue aura sparked, faintly glowing, oh I knew what I would do now.
Making my hasty leave of the place I grinned glancing back to Mizu’s death spot.
Now not even she could stop me, not even I could stop me, on my way to collecting the reviver’s curse, I almost felt sorry for my new victim, whoever that would be.
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