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What if someone else beside Frisk fell to the underground. This is my vision of that story
All of the characters (exept the main characters) owned by Toby Fox and contains spoilers


The bonfire caught a bright orange flame in an underground tunnel. Stalactite shadows danced to the rhythm of the flame.
So, said the hooded figure. The hood was black and its corners touched the shoulders. The only thing that protruded from the hood was a pink, elongated muzzle like a dog's, horns on the sides of the hood and a braid at the back fluttering to the lower back. All robes were black with a red dragon emblem. The inside of the hood is stuffed with chain mail. The upper garment reached to the waist, except for the rear ends that reached to the knees. The sharp and long tail flew nervously left to right. She was also wearing black shorts with a white belt on the sides reaching to the knees. The figure walked barefoot. The lower body resembled a cat's, white claws and tiptoe - you want to know the history of my origin and my motives - she said it in a melodious, feminine and calm voice.
Sit down and I will tell you, - she finished, sitting down by the fire. And although she was close to the fire it did not illuminate her face. Only the muzzle that protruded from behind the hood. The other six people sat down as intended.
- You want something? Foam, Sausages?
- Hey, what am I?
Said the distant figure
- You be quiet there! - Hooded character said menacingly - Children and Demons have no voice, and since you are both characters, it concerns you twice! - She showed sharp fangs and scaring the guests by the fire. After a while, she calmed down, hiding her teeth and said calmly - but for the looks of my story you are a part of it too, so you can't leave on ice
After these words, one of the characters snorted, the others but hooded looked at him angrily. At this point, the Hooded figure reached out with an open hand and made a gesture to enter. At this point, a fairly large ice castle approached the campfire with a child in a striped T-shirt brought with her from the waist down. A little girl with slanted eyes and short hair to the shoulders.
- Why ...? she asked and after a moment one of the characters broke the silence. It was an older woman with a goat head with small rounded horns, long drooping ears and a purple and white coat. She finished getting up
"... Why are you hurting my child so much!" You…
- Tori ... - another character replied, this time also a humanoid goat, larger in terms of dimensions and with larger horns. Blonde hair with stubble. This one was wearing a purple sweater and blue shorts - ... it would be better if we weren't... her ...?
It's coplocated for now... hers - - the hooded corrected,
Interrupt her, showing how easily she beat us - finished the Goat
- "She stopped" - she corrected again - now please use this word when i tell our story and do not ask unnecessary questions, because I will never leave this prologue. Now how to start our story? - here she thought for a while, scratching her slightly scaly chin.
- M-maybe so from the b-beginning - one said in a shaky voice hiding her face with her hands or the paws of a yellow lizard.
- I already know! Let's start from the time quite recent past, it can be called 1, 2 months, but the last 2 days that changed the course of my and your history. Now for the place. A very remote place, one of those that cannot be reached in a conventional or normal way. Despite this place is very similar to this here. Now it's time for our heroes and fate that changed and can still change the course of events ...
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