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by Norman
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Another year has come and gone
We drank a toast on New Year’s Eve,
Champaign and bubbly wine.
We twirled around the noisemakers;
we all sang Auld Lang Syne.

Another year has come and gone;
it seemed to go so fast.
But now it’s in the history books;
just leave it in the past.

Right now I’ll try to look ahead.
The future could be bright.
This time I’ll make some sense of it.
Yeah, maybe get it right.

Or maybe it’s just Groundhog Day
and things will be the same.
Fate seems to have its way with me;
it plays this silly game.

No, nothing changes much for me,
I’m in some sort of rut.
This new year could be my big chance,
I feel it in my gut.

I have to find a better way
to brighten up my life.
You’re thinking that I’m going to say
I’ll find another wife.

But I’m not thinking that’s the cure.
This time you have me wrong.
Instead of getting rid of her,
I’ll try to get along.

She’s been with me through thick and thin;
it’s I who has to change.
Yeah, you have heard me right this time,
I know it’s kind of strange.

I’ll make a resolution to
become a better man.
This year will be a brighter one;
I’ll do the best I can.

Okay, I said that last year too,
and I’m the same old dope.
But hey, it is a new year so
there’s always room for hope.


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