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Could this be our ultimate fate?
Tomorrow Now

"Tomorrow now, we would have seen the coming of a new day. It will have been a day when we will have forgotten the evils of war, famine, and all other pains of humanity, which illicit breeding introduces into our souls." These words streamed through multiple blue screens in brilliant white letters, over and over again.

Stagnant, lifeless silence pressed against the walls of a corridor, dissecting the ship. No movement, only streaming words, which scrolled down hundreds of monitors, lining the walls. Air, stratified by years free of disturbance, pressed against beads of moisture, clinging to the ceilings and walls. Columns of steam spiraled from spigots. Drips of scalding water momentarily floated in mid-air while burgeoning clouds drained from relief valves on pressurized storage units. The cacophony fed a growing fog, clinging to the floor inside the ship's belly.

"Tomorrow now, would have been a time when we were set free. A time when our souls and the souls of all our generations would have been joined to walk again in fields upon our new Earth. They will have risen from an endless sleep, revolving around our devastated home, to stretch themselves under the Sun's warming glow once more, as they will have taken unto themselves the task of procreation in our new world." These words followed empty spaces, filing the screens between the same message, streaming once again across the giant screen mounted on the wall of the ship's front compartment. Then the screen cleared to reveal a flat silver-grey surface.

Abruptly, the screen lit anew, with an image framed over a downward attitude in front of the ship. The view revealed a clear blue sky with clouds, rushing toward the witness, hurtling past and out of sight. Moments later, a forward thermal shield, barely visible, strained against the friction presented by the atmosphere. With a sudden eruption, the shield shattered into dust as the outer hull ignited against the clear-blue, oxygen-rich atmosphere. A stream of cinders dripped toward the lush green surface below as the ship exploded into bits of molten metal that showered toward their new home. Last hopes vanished without last breaths, loosened into the pristine virgin air.

The End

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