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a girl is accused of being a witch and is hanged because of a lie.
475 words
prompt 5 even when I look in the mirror I don't see me.

Because of a Lie
By Lisa Noe

She was a beautiful young woman in her prime, around nineteen years of age. She had beautiful features, her face was very symmetrical, her eyes were such a pretty shade of green and reminded one of a cat's eye. Her mouth was pouty and cherry red, with a sheen gloss on them. Men described her as being a knockout. Slim at about 110 and around 5'7 in height. She lived in a little town in Kentucky, in the woods of the eastern mountains. Her name was Kristen, she was my best friend. I am just one telling the story of a girl who was accused of being a witch. This was a place known as the Bible belt and the people believe in witches and witchcraft.
They frequently accuse young women, who do not behave according to their wishes, as being witches. Kristen was one such girl. She was a free-spirited girl with a lot of energy. She loved to dance and sing and attend all of the functions of the day. Don't misunderstand me we are not talking about the day of Salem or the witch trials we are speaking of the present day. This is not a story of how Christians let their beliefs overtake them. The people of which I speak are no Christians. They only play on fears of witches to spread lies and gossip about Kristen, who, though not perfect, was not a bad or sinful person. Agusta was a girl who was terribly jealous of Kristen because all of the boys wanted to be her suitor. Aggie as she was called spread terrible gossip about Kristen being a witch and carrying on with a known Satanist by the name of Hawk. She told everybody that Kristen was going to bring forth a child that belonged to Hawk. Kristen didn't even know of this person and was not with the child. But Aggie whipped a bunch of girls into a frenzy, scaring them, telling she would bring forth the son of Satan himself.

Kristen was heartbroken over all of the bad attention she'd been receiving, she no longer felt like the free spirited beautiful girl she used to be. Even when she looked in the mirror she no longer saw herself, she saw the monster that everyone accused her of being. She was so saddened by this.

The girls came up with a plan to abduct Kristen and bring her to the woods and ridding the world of this frightening foreseen coming. Sure enough, they caught Kristen as she was walking in the woods near her home. they blindfolded her and dragged her into the woods where the wrapped a rope around her neck and strung it across a tree fort where they hanged her by the neck until she died. hung a sign around her neck reading, " Here hangs a witch whore of the world".
all of this transpired because of one girl's jealousy. Now if that is not a frightening story, I don't know what is.
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